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PostPost by: bigvalvehead » Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:50 pm

I have the following S1 Lotus Elan project for sale as I have more than I will ever finish!!

The project consists of the following parts and is best suited in my opinion to being built as a race car.

New factory (Miles Wilkins) shell
New doors
New bonnet lightweight
New boot (lightweight)
New screen surround
Chassis in excellent condition
Rear uprights
Intermediate driveshafts
Diff rear case
Rear discs
front uprights
front hubs
front calipers
door locks
Door lock plates
Window scissors
front and rear door channels
boot hinges
alloy door handles
boot lock
full set S1 rear lights
front indicators
steering rack
Mk1 cylinder block
4 Bolt crank
125E rods and pistons
current V%C with non suffix reg no ie 123 ABC
I may have some other bits which I can offer free of charge when I finsh sorting through my many boxes.
Interested parties contact me via tel on 07740 401519 or email
[email protected]
Dave Hughes
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