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Elan +2S 130/4 1972

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Salut guys and gals

I went crazy at Paul Matty's and bought a very nice +2 cabriolet. As I live in France and kids don't stay small I figured it would be a car I would use and enjoy more - the fun is in sharing.

So my +2S 130/4 which I only bought last year is for sale. The car is registered in France, the CT/MOT is OK, and I'm looking for 11500?.

Here's a link to photos:

https://picasaweb.google.com/1160055589 ... directlink

Most of the history is known. 701M engine rebuilt at 39000 miles with 81000 now on the clock. Unleaded valves and guides. Chassis is original but looks in good nick - just a bit of surface rust here and there. The rest is either Lotus oxide red or black bitumastic. Repainted down to the gelcoat in 1993, body/paint still in good condition but some longish cracks on the bonnet catch area and some small ones on the door opening edge and headlight openings. Chrome has some small pitting - looks OK polished. Lots of new bits:

Front brake calipers, pads, stainless braided flexibles all round, new servo and copper bundy pipe,
New brake and clutch master cylinders and braided clutch pipe
Carbs rebuilt -gaskets, main jets, rubber mountings and washers
Pedal box renovated and new pedal rubbers
LHD replacement headlight units
New engine and gearbox mountings
New dash on order from Margaret Cuthbert
Mick Miller drive shafts

Plus a set of Lotus alloys included if there isn't too much haggling ;-)

I also have an unused Spyder chassis, some rear uprights and A-frames and front wishbones - all good - that could be part of the sale, plus a few small spare parts.
Photos show the good, the bad and the ugly (remember new dash on order). Not shown is a vibration on take-off. Seemed to decrease with the new gearbox mounting but still there. Might be that the clutch hasn't got used to the MM drive shafts and/or that the car hasn't done more than 200km in two or three years. Now the weather is nice I'll take it out and see if the vibration decreases. Might also be oil on the clutch disc....

Car is with me, garaged in Lyon, France.

I've tried to be honest - don't want any disappointed visitors because i know what that's like.

Thanks for looking, thanks for the site and thanks for the mine of information posted.


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