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For Sale: 1970 Lotus Elan +2S

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FOR SALE: 1970 Lotus Elan +2S

Serial No. 0049N

--Asking $13,900 CAD--

For Sale, 1970 Elan +2S VIN # 0049N. The odometer reads 49,XXX miles done from new to Sept 1978. The car was an impulse purchase in 1979 as first anniversary gift from an acquaintance looking for advice on why engine wouldn't run (burned piston/valves). The cars has always been stored indoors, even through four house moves it had pride of place. The lengthy restoration started in 1993, within constraints of family commitments. The work was essentially completed in 2005 but promised would not put tires on until 100% complete (new Bridgestone RE92's went on in Aug 2007).

The body has evidence of repaint by PO circa 1976. There are no signs of accident damage and the paint is still presentable but finish would benefit from a polish and buff. The dash, gauges and general interior is all original and excellent for the year. The driver?s seat bolster has a small tear, new floor mats and door trim would be required to bring it back to new.
The engine has been professionally rebuilt to original specification includes new Std. bore pistons, Std. journal size bearings, stock cams, new oil pump, mechanical fuel pump, rebuilt starter, generator and distributor. All suspension, hydraulic cylinders, wheels, rotors, bearings, callipers, bushings, hardware, pedal box are new or refurbished. The engine was originally a Stromberg head but this was changed to a weber head by PO. Judging from codes, this head came from a Lotus Cortina circa 1966/7 at a guess. The original Stromberg head could go with the car.

The car is ready for safety and certification with one or two bugs to sort out. It has been driveway driven, but not road driven. After 28 years ownership, life has changed and it is difficult to get motivated to wrap up the remaining issues, while other projects beckon for attention. The new parts installed are too numerous to list but the following will give some insight.




More photos available upon request.


? Professionally degreased, machined, rebuilt, painted and returned to original specs, except for head. First ran again in August 2006.
? Original Stromberg head included with spares (if reserve is met)
? ?L? block re-sleeved to standard bore with new pistons/rings (PO had 85mm bore)
? Weber head appears to have been skimmed 0.060? to ?Sprint spec? by PO
? New bearings - crankshaft main and rod journals are standard
? New exterior nut and bolt kit from Dave Bean
? Head rebuilt with new cam bearings, standard valves, seats, springs - stock camshafts
? New timing chain, Water pump bearing and impeller
? Dave Bean oil flow restrictor plug in block
? Rebuilt distributor, starter motor and generator
? Radiator re-cored in 1980 ? first saw coolant in 2006
? New high capacity oil pump, new fuel pump and Bosch coil
? New clutch disc (still original clutch plate and throw out bearing)
? Original oil pan, front and rear cover.
? 40 DCOE Webers rebuilt and jetted (best guess by manual)
? New soft mounts and throttle pull lever mechanism installed
? New engine mounts, top coolant hose, coolant temp sender

? Equipped with tubular manifold ? assumed OEM, but not sure.
? Standard ?lan systems tend to stress the head studs due to rigid mounting, and this one showed as it had been fully welded.
? All welds cut, system disassembled from the 2 into 1 collector on and reconfigured with new tube, Stainless Steel flex pipe and revised centre mount. Simple clamps with a slip system used throughout with single rear muffler.

? Cleaned, checked, and painted, with new front and rear seals installed. Redline oil
? New gear box mount

? Cleaned externally and fresh oil fill.

? Professional rebuild and paint of front and rear callipers incl. new pads, handbrake pads and springs ($450). Assembled with ?Copaslip? anti-seize.
? New custom pull rods for handbrake mechanism
? Refurbished brake master cylinder with SS sleeve ($350)
? Dave Bean SS clutch line (M/C to slave cylinder)
? New clutch master and slave cylinders
? New flex hoses and short calliper steel brake lines.
? Professional rebuild of both brake boosters ($800 and 18 months to locate diaphragms and all seals).
? Overhaul brake fail switch
? Refurbish, paint and lubricate pedal box incl. adding steel plate and aluminium angle brackets to reinforce body mounting

? All suspension removed, refurbished and re-installed with new or cleaned and painted
? New Koni rear shocks set at full soft. (took approx 10 hours and 12 months elapsed time to remove old inserts, as holes been drilled in bottom of strut tower which allowed oil to leak out and rust to set in. Holes welded up and oil used in reassembly).
? LotoCones inspected but not changed
? New metalastic bushings and Gr8 hardware
? New wheel bearings and sprint rotoflex donuts/bolts/nuts
? New hub drive pegs where necessary
? Small dent on the underside(inboard end) of the right lower wishbone
? Front Springs demounted cleaned and painted
? Existing Spax shocks cleaned and re-used
? New wheel bearings
? New bushings, trunnions and ball joints.
? New sway bar rubber bushings
? Steering Rack disassembled cleaned, checked and rebuilt
? New OEM steering column U/J

Wheels and Tires
? Five original lightweight steel wheels sandblasted, checked, and painted with calliper paint.
? Peg drive holes weld repaired as required, due to some ovality (result of PO not tightening wheel hub nuts correctly).
? New wheel nut wrench custom made ? needs a bit of fettling (did not come with car).
? Nader nuts show evidence of abuse from pipe wrench
? Five new Bridgestone RE92 165/65 x 13 fitted August 2007.

? The body was NOT removed from the chassis - it was never even considered when assessed in 1980. In retrospect life would have been much easier if we had.
? Body is original with no evidence of accident damage.
? There are signs of a repaint by previous owner, possibly circa 1975/7 at a guess.
? The paint is presentable but not for show. A good polish would make a difference.
? Crazing is evident in the light pods (open), one spot on hood?. can?t think of any other.
? There is a crack at the top left rear wheel well and discoloration from gas spill (see pic).
? The rear bumper was reconstructed in 1980 and kept colour keyed to body. However since these bumpers are now more readily available, I would replace it at some point, as this one probably has too much ?bondo? in it.
? There are a few drilled holes in the body around the licence plate area where the PO had decided to use different plate lights. New replica original Lucas style license plate lights have now been installed. The stuff removed is in the spares box
? The grill mesh is missing.

? Excellent original condition, but needs new mat and door edge trim sets. Dash and gauges can only be considered excellent.
? There is one 2 inch tear in drivers outside seat bolster.
? Both interior door lock lever mechanism (MGB) are broken but the ?open? levers are fine.
? The driver side floor mat felt under pad should be replaced.
? All gauges work and features work except some of the interior door/mud lights.
? The electric windows work fine but are slow and probably could do with a clean out of the old grease.
? Original PYE radio still works fine.

? Gas tank removed, cleaned inside and out, painted and re-installed
? New fuel inlet /filler neck hose.
? Inspected towers and rails as best as possible without a body off.
? Primed and painted where-ever possible.
? Sign of chassis landing on curb or something to dent it at the right rear lower wishbone pivot ? no inclination to pursue this as it seems superficial.

Wiring and Electrics
? The typical Lotus issues were confronted here and will likely confront others in the future. They may be enhanced since the +2S has three fuse blocks and four relays.
? Relays were changed to the modern type
? The engine wiring for dist/coil were replaced and the coil relocated to the fender well
? One new vacuum elbow connections installed on headlight switch, as well as T connection on chassis cross member
? Windshield wiper motor disassembled, cleaned, greased and re-installed.
? Two new wiper blades (1x14?, 1x15?)
? Trunk and Reverse lights are not working yet
? Brake, Indicator, hazard, parking, engine bay lights work fine
? New brake light switch.
? New vacuum check valves for brake boosters and headlight vacuum pod and reservoir

Still To Be Done
1) Minor repair on rear antennae mounting ? a small fibre glass job.(original radio still works)
2) Battery hold down arrangement to be sorted
3) Final Tune of Carbs when on road.

Nothing else, unless noted below or road test raises issues.

For more information please call Alf @ 1-905-844-9742. The car is located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I will be happy to accommodate having the car shipped, but the buyer must make own arrangements. A box of spares will be included with the car.
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With the recession international shipping has come down a lot!! Shipping the car to the UK, or mainland Europe might be viable. Had the car ruining on driveway this weekend! Starts and runs great.

This is your chance to get a lotus that is essentially mechanically new! and cosmetically it's WAY better than most!!

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Car is now certified and registered.

Bump :lol:
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The car has been sold to a local enthusist.

thanks for the views
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