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S4 door handle question

PostPost by: disquek » Fri Mar 22, 2024 4:33 am

I took my car to an interior specialist today to get a quote for replacing the drivers side floor carpet (oddly the only part of the carpet showing any wear).

The guy who helped me gorilla'd the passenger's door handle button and the button stuck in.

When I got home I pulled the handle out and the plastic rod that goes from the button out to the lever was broken. It clearly had been over extended and caught on the lever. I also noticed that the roll pin had popped out of one side.

Anyone else had this same or similar issue?

I did see some old looking cracks in the plastic rod from the adjuster screw.

I made a new plastic rod in the lathe and installed a new longer roll pin with the ends peened. It's fixed now.

Here's a pic of the broken part.
elanbutton.jpg and
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