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QED contact?

PostPost by: Lotus54 » Wed Mar 13, 2024 9:29 pm

I have an issue with something I bought from QED.
I cannot get an answer from them. Does anyone have an email they will answer?

I am in the States, so phone calls do not work well, plus I like email since it can be more lucid.

I have been using: [email protected]

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PostPost by: gjz30075 » Wed Mar 13, 2024 11:41 pm

You may have to end up calling them. I had the same issue with Spydercars so I decided to just give
calling a try. I never called International with my T-mobile service before but it went surprising well. No delay,
very clear and I got my answer Hopefully your service will work internationally.
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PostPost by: skelteanema » Thu Mar 14, 2024 12:44 am

That is the same e-mail address that I used when asking about heads. They replied quite quickly when they told me they no longer supplied them.
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PostPost by: ill_will » Thu Mar 14, 2024 9:23 pm

I've had responses from them within the last week or so, usually within a couple of days. HTH
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