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Lotus 26R Original Aluminium Radiator

PostPost by: coolexperts » Thu Jan 25, 2024 6:59 pm


I have had several requests to manufacture a more realistic replacement aluminium radiator for the 26R car.
The original radiator was a vacuum braised version built up of wafer thin tubes with fins between them that had been baked to a micrsecond of melting in an inert gas chamber that caused the whole unit to fuse together. The radiator resembles a larger Oxford style oilcooler to look at. I enclose images of this style used on the Etype Jaguar MK1 aluminium radiator. Should anyone have one I would be happy to Buy, Borrow or Rent the radiator to copy and produce

Steve 8)

jaguarmk1a RADIATOR.jpg and
jaguarmk1b RADIATOR.jpg and
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