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3608 KX Where is it now?

PostPost by: Seamus » Thu Dec 07, 2023 6:43 pm

Back in 1976 I wrecked my first Elan, it was beyond economic repair so I had a hunt around and managed to locate an S1 project that was missing some parts most notably its engine and gearbox which was perfect for me to make one good car.

I got as far as swapping the engine and box but before I could finish it domestic life stepped in and I sold both cars to raise the deposit for my first house.

According to the GOV.UK site it is now green but not taxed so clearly it lived on. Does anyone out there know the car? Could it have been converted into a 26R replica or GTS racer which may explain why it isn't on the road,
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DHU 717C
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3608 KX
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3608 KX
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