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how due i install my windshield....help please

PostPost by: smo17003 » Thu Jan 19, 2023 5:45 pm

I fitted both front and rear screens last year using the non-rope method and it worked well for me. Whichever method you choose, as previously mentioned here viewtopic.php?f=36&t=52028 do not be tempted to use any metal tools to get the glass into the rubber.
I assume you have the headliner in already as it would be almost impossible to fit correctly after the glass is in. Likewise the crash pad, you can fit it after the glass but it's far easier when there's no glass fitted. Also, and I found this out the hard way, fit your windscreen side trims before installing the chrome lace into the rubber while there is still a bit of "give" there.
Once the glass is in the rubber you can give it thump all around so that it settles into the rubber. You can use the palm of your hand but that tends to concentrate the force just at the heel of your palm. Because I had seen professional fitters using them, I used a small leather bag filled with sand to thump the glass into place. Look for "metal working sand bag", you just need something that will fit in your palm. You will be surprised how hard you can safely hit laminated glass.
Fit the lace using the correct tool, it looks a bit awkward to use at first but it's really easy enough. If you look at the S3's/S4's currently for auction on here https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/rac ... 2023-01-17 you will see that they all appear to have the lace cut and mitred into the corners. Some choose to fit the lace as one length and join in the centre. Once again the choice is yours.
When fitting the rear glass don't forget to fit the parcel shelf supports on the aperture lip before installing the rubber.

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PostPost by: patrics » Thu Jan 19, 2023 9:48 pm

Just to add to the comments
Do offer up the screen to the car and check that the lip that the seal will sit in is equal and smooth all the way around. On my S4 I had to grind a few of the edges to smooth things out and to get the gap correct – Obviously screens had been fitted before but whoever fitted it was prepared to use a lot more force than me! Once correct it is an easy job.

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