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Running rich

PostPost by: pptom » Wed May 04, 2022 5:20 pm

I'd be interested in your results Charles. I think a rolling road setup and having access to the air fuel ratio throughout the rev range is some of the best money you can spend.
Don't know about overfuelling causing too much damage in your case, but I would speculate that it probably wouldn't be rich enough for long enough to worry about. I'm sure I've read that it's better to run a newly built engine slightly rich anyway.
Hopefully Sigma or someone more knowledgeable than me on here will be able to advise.

Hope it all goes well!
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PostPost by: promotor » Wed May 04, 2022 7:21 pm

pptom wrote:Linered, so standard bore with QED Omega pistons, but it is quite possible the comb chambers are a bit bigger. In retrospect, I wish I'd measured them.
Didn't measure the compression ratio, but I would imagine the head has been skimmed a few times. I do remember the last skim kissed the little core plug which I had to replace.

May just be that the Rolling road I used is quite conservative, though I did visit there once when a +2 used for sprinting was on the rollers. Think the engine was supposedly built by miles wilkins, that made 145bhp on carbs, but don't know the spec of it.

Cheers for the info. Would be interesting to know what compression figures you are getting on cranking. I'm sure there'll be some info to compare with on here that might give you an idea of extrapolating that info into compression ratio.

To note, I agree that Northampton Motorsport rolling road doesn't appear to over-read based on other experiences (mine included).

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