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I’ll give you my recent, relevant experience-
I just bought my ‘72 Sprint almost 2 years ago, fairly original (non-body-off respray years ago), original chassis, numbers matching, etc... It too had sat for many years, but I was able to start and drive it when I bought it. I paid just over $30K US.
Even though it was a complete runner, I knew going in that I was due for all rubber bushings, seals, brakes, etc. and have spent time since then addressing those items. Doing so required me to take the body off, and I’ve gone through each system. Some I knew about, so I wasn’t surprised by- such as frozen brake pistons and a full brake system refresh, all wheel bearings, etc. Others, I didn’t- such as bolts sheared off in the differential, the crown wheel bolts (3 of them, and remember I had driven the car, lucky!). I also found chassis rust not in the shock towers, but along the lower sill, which I repaired instead of replacing.
I haven’t begun on the engine yet, although I’ve taken bearing caps off and inspected- so far so good. All told, I anticipate being in it for another $10k when I’m finished and it’s back on the road. I did upgrade some of the suspension for that price- new shocks/springs, CV’s, and both inner and outer axles.

That’ll put me in low $40’s easily, if I continue to exercise restraint and don’t go crazy with engine mods.

Bottom line for me- I still think I got a total bargain for a genuine Sprint in this shape and I’m a Happy Camper.

Good luck and enjoy this!

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