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Black Lotus Badges Yet Again

PostPost by: ivor badger » Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:14 pm

stevebroad wrote:Visited the Classic Car Show at the NEC, Birmingham, today. Just to muddy the waters even further :-)

Graham Hill's 1967 DFV powered Lotus:


Esprit with a weird shaped badge:


1969 Lotus (the black badge is visible on the full photo if clicked)


To say what many are thinking "Oh lord, here we go again"

I have picked on this post deliberately to show what happens and the rubbish which follows.

This is not Graham Hill's Lotus 49 from 67. Gold Leaf paint job did not appear until after the 8 South African GP at the start of January 68. No 49 had wings in 67. Clark btw only drove Tasman 49s in GLTL colours. The wings are not even from 68 and are probably taken from a 72 in 1970. Nearest is Fittipaldi Brands in 1970, R8. Rindt doesn't even have that rear wing for Monaco in 70. Hill drove Rob Walker's R7 at Brands in 1970.

So here we have a flawed presentation of a car with plaque in front of it which will now become a tablet of stone for future posters who believe every thing that anyone puts up with flawed information.

2 questions.
What are Colin C and Denny Hulme discussing in Eion Young's article? Can't imagine that Hulme ever spent a long time discussing anything with Chapman.

And the starter for 10. Where is the photo in the first post taken? Year and track will suffice.
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PostPost by: ivor badger » Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:25 pm

To continue the clearing up of misinformation. The Ferrari 246 F1 car of 1958 was known as a Dino after Ferrari's recently deceased son. It's the Hawthorn DWC winning car. It was a V6 and the road car picked up on the name being a V6 and also the first non V12 road going Ferrari so they probably weren't sure if they should call it a Ferrari. The Fiat coupe and spider fitted with the same V6 engine are also known as a Fiat Dino coupe/ spider. If you want to see one on film. Ray Vallone the Mafia boss in the Italian job has a black Dino coupe, hence the superb noise as it follows the gold convoy from the airport.
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PostPost by: Landre » Fri Jan 15, 2016 9:49 am

abstamaria wrote:I recall now that when I bought my Elan (#8439) in 1977, it had a black badge. It is a 1969 Federal model, but according to build data was manufactured in 1968. It was my first Lotus, and I so wanted the traditional yellow-and-green badge that I replaced the black badge within a month of ownership. That was when I was still in the US and before I shipped the car to Manila.

I wondered sometimes whether I should revert back to the black badge. I've kept the yellow-and-green badge because it has been on the car 38 years now. When I re-sprayed the car, I matched the green on the badge.


L1020834 - Version 2.jpg

Hello Andy,
From an earlier post in 2013 to which I replied you referred to a friend who made a.o. brilliant Mgtc replicas of which I am the current proud owner. This one was imported to the Netherlands from the US. I am looking for history data which seems very hard to find. Sorry to present this issue on this Lotus thread but hope you can assist in this. Hope this finds you well, kind regards, len andre ([email protected])
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PostPost by: elansprint71 » Fri Jan 15, 2016 7:24 pm

Ah but... at the 1968 Race of Champions (a non-championship F1 race) held in March, Graham Hill was entered in a 1967 Lotus 40 painted in Gold Leaf colours and fitted with a "beard" spoiler. It was rubbish in practice and worse in the race. This was the occasion when Lotus were forced to black out the sailor (Hero) on the centre-piece of the Gold Leaf badge by tobacco rival Guards, who were sponsoring the event. So it was a black badge car!!!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Presumably the 67 car was painted in 68, for this less than sparkling debut.
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