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Request for a Lotus Elan Sprint DHC for a Book - UK

PostPost by: jcocking » Wed May 27, 2015 7:48 pm

I received the following request.

My name is Chris Haddon and I'm currently researching content for my new book about convertible cars. The book will focus on ?cool? iconic convertibles, stylish owners (young and old) and interesting back stories ? in respect of how the owner found or settled upon the marque of car they own. Above all it will show how people, from all walks of life, become so attached to their four wheeled machine.

It would be all to easy to compile a book full of iconic cars languishing in museums or private collections. This kind of book has been done before and most likely will again ? my aim is to do something different.

As with my previous titles, I prefer to chip away at the sometimes superficial world of a subject matter and delve into its true meaning and dig out gems of content. My objective is to curate an aesthetically pleasing mixture of convertible cars spanning many decades, price points and styles. Resulting in a book that, I hope, will be of interest to past or present owners and maybe inspire new or wannabe owners. I'm hoping you and members of your club might be able at help me with my new book in several ways.

Firstly, I trying to locate UK owners of Lotus Elan Sprint cars (possibly with an interesting back story), so I can discuss the possibility of photographing both owner and car to appear in the book.

Secondly, I?m wondering if you may have some other interesting convertible car contacts (however diverse and of any marque) that would make a great inclusion in the book?

An additional twist is that the convertibles I will be featuring don?t necessarily have to be the finest examples available. I would choose a slightly worn option, with a bit of rust and tarnished chrome, which is owned for a reason and loved ? over an example seldom used and owned without passion or meaning.

The series of books are predominantly photography based. Stylish photographs taken by Lyndon McNeil (an experienced automotive photographer) who has worked with me on my last four books. The photographs are then accompanied by a short bio/overview of the subject matter. This latest book will be the seventh in my series and is backed by a high profile publishers ? ensuring a high level of marketing and promotion (if required) for those concerned. Maybe the best thing at this stage is for me to point you in the direction of my previous books. This will give you the opportunity to see examples of my published work to date. http://www.chrishaddon.co.uk

We will travel to the car. Chris can be contacted at: info at mediapie.co.uk

Jeff Cocking
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