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S1 found...what to do next...

PostPost by: stugilmour » Sat Dec 07, 2013 7:28 am

mdwracer wrote:I posted in the wanted section as well...
I need a gas tank with neck and cap; hubcaps ; top framework ;carpet...and the list will go on and on

Who is a good dash restoration specialist and gauges? I used a place up in New York years ago on Smiths gauges and had good luck...
Who can take the entire body from me and restore complete ...all off the frame?
Wiring harness options? I can make my own, I just want it to look period correct...
I would like to see pictures of some S1 inner door panel areas to see how accurate mine are?

Nothing definitive here Mike, but some ideas...

For the dash, depending on condition of course, might want to try Randy Keller at Prestige Autowood. Not sure if he has the patterns for the S1, but he certainly does for the full dash style Elans and Plus 2's. The web site ain't much, but the dashes are incredible; full replacement rather than refurbish. Not sure for S1, but for my dash I had to send him the glove box hinges and catch before he started the work; came back mounted and perfect veneer match. Can be a bit quirky, so might want to phone.


For fuel tank replacement, I went with Andy at Axminster in the UK. Very good quality in aluminum. I see he has for early cars. Spendy but worth it.

http://www.andywiltshire.com/web%20site ... 20page.htm

For wiring harness, might want to try British Wiring. Have ordered only small stuff myself, but they are highly regarded and have improved the web site for ordering. If any questions regarding exact model of loom, give them a call. Having gone the 'build my own loom' route, there prices look very good to me. Might want to consider any customization you want, i.e. alternator or generator, etc.before talking to them. I went modern thin wall cable, but I believe British Wiring can build up the looms with period correct cable.


For gauges, I used Nisonger, which I am guessing who you have in mind? Good service by mail, even to Canada eh. Sounds like you want to stay largely original, but if considering Pertronix electronic ignition consider getting the tach converted during service to accommodate.


Carpet / floor material I think is a UK item, but again not familiar with S1 requirements. Really good thread recently on sources for the correct carpet. I thought early cars used a textured rubber flooring material?

For the body work, I had a local Corvette specialist do the work as an extended project, so something to consider. Not sure if they do work on client's cars, but Hayes at Wire Wheel in FL may be able to help or provide a shop lead? Have never met the gentleman, but he is very highly regarded and I have seen his salvage title and resto cars recommended numerous times.



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PostPost by: zog » Sat Dec 07, 2013 3:07 pm

Are you going to do the work yourself or have it all done? I am retiring in a few weeks and will have more time on my hands. I have another Elan project going right now but I could possibly do yours starting next summer....
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PostPost by: robb4100 » Sat Dec 07, 2013 11:15 pm

I too can recommend Nisonger for the the Gauges. I just had my tach adjusted to negative earth and pertronix. I looks and works great. About to send spedometer to them for calibration.

Have fun and good luck.

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PostPost by: m750rider » Sun Dec 08, 2013 2:26 pm

Nisonger Instruments in NY can repair the Smiths gauges. (http://www.nisonger.com/)

Randy Keller of Prestige Autowood (http://www.prestigeautowood.com/) does fantastic work and provides perfect fit up dashboards. He made one for me in my 1969 S4, and he is great to work with.

And as we talked, Evans Leinbach in Salisbury, NC for a frame off restoration.

Hope to see this finished one day.


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PostPost by: pharriso » Sun Dec 08, 2013 2:41 pm

zog wrote:Are you going to do the work yourself or have it all done? I am retiring in a few weeks and will have more time on my hands. I have another Elan project going right now but I could possibly do yours starting next summer....

+1 for a zog restoration!!
Phil Harrison
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PostPost by: trw99 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:59 am

I'll refer to my car as 26/3342 from here out. My engine number is LP 1029 as indicated on the data plate...but where should it be stamped on the motor? I'll check it and see if its 1029 or 1020. Do you have record of what my cars color was originally?


Colour was rarely recorded by the factory for early cars, but contact Andy Graham to see what additional info he holds.

I'm not so sure about the engine no location on earlier cars, but look at the r/h engine mount on the horizontal surface of the block. You'll have to remove any gunk and look hard for an etched no. It may also be on the cylinder head, at the rear (you'll need a dental mirror or similar!) under the web between the two cam covers.

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PostPost by: Etienne 7 » Mon Dec 16, 2013 4:35 pm

Fantastic find !! Keep posting !
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PostPost by: Famous Frank » Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:42 am


I'm sorry to read you are now stuck with that old piece of non running crap. I gentleman of your stature really shouldn't be seen the such a pile of rubbish. Please allow me to take it off your hands so you can regain your proper place in society before anyone sees you with this car! As an added gesture, I'd even buy it from you to help with you pain and suffering! Just phone 678-596-1207

Best Regards,
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PostPost by: mdwracer » Sun Oct 09, 2016 6:15 pm

I have very little to report but hopefully plans to get into restoring this car can get underway in 2017! I have confirmed the engine number on block to match the chassis plate and in looking at pictures that came with car from its last activiity which was a repaint around 1980, it appears to have been originally blue. I did some snooping under door trim and around hood jamb areas and found a blue color matching Medici Blue.

My car was produced in Dec 1963, so would Medici Blue be the color that the factory used in 63-65, as I see it was the color used in 1966,but no documentation showing earlier. I see the cars came in White, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow...which were most common and which is the rarest?

I live in Louisville,KY USA and would like to travel to see another series 1 that is original or would even consider trailering it to a Series 1 guru. I'm seeing that my car is very original, but it will need a pro to see the details at this point to know what parts I need to go hunt for.

I contacted Lotus to get a Certificate of Provenance, but no response...has anyone had luck getting one of these,esp on older cars?

Mike Winebrenner
(planning on attending the LOG at Barber in 2017)
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PostPost by: trw99 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:45 am

Good luck Mike!

Medici Blue was available from when the first Elans were produced. Here is some info on the colour for you: An original S1 option, but had no Lotus code. Was a Standard Triumph colour, ref 378TR. Nexa Autocolor 3192. Ditzler 12163 PPG: Powder Blue 12163; Martin Senour: Powder Blue 25105; ICI: Powder Blue 8013. PPG concept formula per pint:
DMC900 - 446.8 DMC904 - 83.5 DMC937 - 40.9 DMC901 - 60.1 (this last formula from a lister on here).

Some additional info that may be helpful: From workshop manual for the Lotus Elan 1600 (ie S1).
Page A5 Body equipment Carpeting-Rubber press stud fixing to floor. Trim-washable PVC. Colours interior trim-Atlas Grey and Light Tan, seats available in Black, Tan and Grey. Body colours Fiesta Yellow, Carmen Red, Medici Blue, Cirrus White and British Racing Green.

Did you contact Andy Graham at Lotus. He is the archivist and issues certificates of provenance and his address is [email protected] I communicate with him regularly.

An interesting site for the early cars is: http://www.type26register.com/ It is not especially active as the founder has died and his friend still works hard as a lawyer, but it should give you some clues.

At Unit No 3330, just 12 cars away from yours, the following was introduced into production: Steering wheel wood rivets deleted, gear knob changes from dimple to tear drop shape. That car was invoiced on 19 Dec 63, which tends to be a more accurate way to determine production changes. Does your car have these features?

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