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Why we don't own Porsches

PostPost by: elans3 » Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:57 pm

Fred, I've found exactly that "clique" over here in both the Lotus and Porsche fraternities, but I've also found exactly the same in the MG, Jaguar and Triumph scene too !
Luckily in those four clubs there are far more people who are like us.
I think you get that in every walk of life, and every hobby to a lesser or greater extent..

My point was that here in the UK, if you restrict the field to the classic enthusiasts cars, Lotus or Porsche early 911's to the 3.2 , then the type of person that buys, maintains and enthuses about them are very similar.
Most are guys and gals who have aspired to own one over a long period of time, and do most of their own work on them. So, in my experience, this "Porsche owners don't work on their own cars " when we talk about classics on an even level, is simply incorrect.

In DDK and the Impact Bumper clubs, you get people offering to inspect cars for clubmates, help with repairs etc, every bit as helpful as in the Lotus scene.

If you extend the field to later models of Porsche, and later models of Lotus, then the percentage of people who do their own repair and restoration work will without doubt increase.

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