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Disecting 26/4050

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I've decided to document as much as I can about 26/4050 for good or for bad.

What I know so far is the following from Lotuscars on 11 May, 2006.

The original intented owner was: G Anderson
Original works order: 1060
Original colo(u)r: Black
Engine #: LP 2356LBA
Body#: 3692
Came off of production on 15 Oct 1964
Dispached on 12 Nov 1964

From Vehicle Registration Document:
The car was originally registered on 17 Nov 1964 (5 days after dispatch from Lotus)
Registration shown as FJF 877B (Mrs Fiona Joanna Partridge, of Leicester)
New registration as RFP 282B on 26 May 1983 (Gilbert W Stuart of London)
Colo(u)r shown as red at this time

On 15 May 1985 it appears Mr. Stuart shipped the car with him when he moved to British Columbia.

Mr Stuart kept the car until 2005 when he sold the car to the previous owners. They answered an ad for an Elan hardtop and bought the entire Elan as Mr. Stuart said the car goes with the hardtop. It was briefly registered for the first time in Washington State on 2 Aug 2005 and then in Oregon State 19 Mar 2008. Having had very little use in many years.

I purchased the car 22 Oct 2010 and we'll see where it goes from here.

What I've noticed in one day of ownership:
Runs and stops great
Original color may indeed have been black but Medici Blue was also found. I need to dig through the layers to find out.
Spyder chassis and roll bar
Hardtop was origianlly black and repainted red
Gas cap is from a '63-'64 Triumph Spitfire
S1 door pulls
S1 Taillights
Later sand cast head with "Z" or "N" stamping (Big Valve High Compression)?
Replaced dash and missing hood pulls and light
Moto Lita steering wheel
Flared Fenders
Dual Master cylinder
Trapazoid pedals
More to come later

Not sure what I'll do with the car in the future but I'll attempt to keep it a good driver and slowly bring it back close to stock.
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