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PostPost by: umbyfer » Fri Oct 08, 2004 8:38 pm


i need your help if it is possible. I am writing from Italy (Modena) very closed to Maranello town where Ferrari's factory is based.
I have got a lotus elan sprint year 1971, gold leaf colors, US version. My problem is to show to the italian authority that the car has been registered mor than 30 years ago. My car has been sold to US first and denn re-imported in UK and sold to Italy. In Italy it has been registered, as first registration in Italy, in 1989; this is what is written on the official italian register paper. (circulation paper); but is written "already with USA number palte XXXXX", as well.
I need to demonstrate that my car is not 15 yeras old, but 34; infact my car has been made in August 1971, as shown by the plate fixt in the body and from the chassie code 71 08 000193 K. What can i do? It is possible to recive an official document form the US register office with the date when my car has been registered in US first time?

The American Number Plate is: 1DHS438
The chassie number is: 7108000193K
Model: Lotus Elan Sprint

I thank you in advance for your kind attention and i am wating for your replay.

Umberto Ferrari
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Umberto Ferrari
Modena - Italy
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It might be helpful if you could provide the name of the US state marked on the registration plate where it was registered. In the US, cars are registered by 1 of the 50 states. Someone from the state in question may be able to contact their local Department of Motor Vehicles and get this information.

Are you related to Enzo Ferrari's family?

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