Lotus Elan

elan 5 speed gearbox.

PostPost by: kstrutt1 » Fri Apr 05, 2002 7:43 am

Ref te T5, I am almost certain that the 2 wheel drive Sierra Cosworth used the
T5 and this used the old Pinto type block which has the same engine side bolt
pattern as the kent in the Elan so the clutch housing may be what you are
loking for.
In the sierra application the longer tail housing was used.
There are a few places on the web which sell secondhand Sierra Cosworth
spares, but they are not usually cheap.
Another box which also looks like it could fit is the Rover V8 / TR7 / Sherpa
van 5 speed, for this an adaptor to use the Ford clutch housing would be

The main reason I choose the Type 9 sierra box was cost, all in it cost less
than repairing my worn 4 speed.


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