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PostPost by: "Clivey Boy" » Tue Mar 21, 2006 9:05 am

I think a lot of car prices are based around peoples perception of the car
and also to an extent the type of clientel that drives them. (Type 14 Elite
owners that I know all tend to be "Financially Stable" and prepared to pay
for the right part.)
Living in Abingdon where the old MG factory used to be they had the Special
Tuning Division where the factory (Austin, Morris, MG etc) rally cars were
prepared and enterered for major events and won on lots of occassions.
My image of an Austin Healey is rallying through the Alps on a twisty
mountain pass.
If you think of Mini's the Monte Carlo rally (and the italian job) spring to
When you see a Ferrari you always associate it with the F1 team. Not many
people these days look at Lotus and think of F1. When I look at Elises I
keep thinking of a track car owned by a racing school.
I would be interested to know what the Elans best and most famous victory
would be as it is less obvious than world rally championships etc .
As for prices the most expensive Elan I have seen is a 26R for $80,000
(?60,000) which had a major race history and a full trophy cabinet. Whether
the guy got that price for it I dont know.
I think Bill is right ?25-30,000 ($40-50,000) for a 26R that you can start
racing with is a reasonable amount. And then you need to deceide how much
extra the individual cars racing history and competitiveness is worth.

"Clivey Boy"

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