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PostPost by: "Poole, Simon \(Oper » Mon Nov 21, 2005 11:06 am

Hi All,

A newcomer to the list and just about to embark on the restoration of a
'66 Elan S2. The car itself isn't in bad nick but has had an engine fire
that means replacing the wiring loom as well as repairing the front
wing. Apart from that it's just generally putting the car back together
and most of the parts came with the car. That leads me on to my
question; the two main things missing are an original steering wheel and
a gearknob, are they really rarer than hen's teeth? Where's the best
place to get hold of them, money not really an issue? Are there good
quality replicas out there?

Cheers folks,


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PostPost by: fasterbyelan » Mon Nov 21, 2005 11:41 am


Hope all goes well with the rebuild - just ask if unsure!

Regarding your question, both items come up on ebay and the gear knobs are available new from the usual suppliers although I cannot comment on quality.

The steering wheel if an original signed item will be expensive. From memory they fetch between ?450 - ?600 and bidding is keen!

If you have not yet used the forum on LotusElan.net it's recommended- - there is some excellent discussion for people of all levels of experience and ability.



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PostPost by: "Brian Goodison&qu » Mon Nov 21, 2005 12:08 pm

If the car is an S2 as Simon says,to the best of my knowlege the
original wheel would have been a woodrim type and I dont believe
they were Chapman signed (although I could be wrong)
I have been looking for the Woodrim wheel for quite some time for my
S2, they do come up on ebay and are usually more expensive then the
Chapman signed plastic/leather type of the later models.
I have a Chapman signed one that I would swop for the woodrim type
if anyone is interested.
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PostPost by: Rod Little » Mon Nov 21, 2005 12:27 pm

Miles at Fibreglass services had some woodrim ones a while ago
Rod Little

PostPost by: Bill » Wed Nov 23, 2005 5:48 am

The origional steering wheel on my S2 - #26/4614 is NOT signed.

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