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It's Alive!!! Sort of . . . .

PostPost by: "Paul C. Perkins, MD » Wed Sep 14, 2005 7:11 pm

Hello All,

Today was the day.
The plugs got cleaned.
The fuel pumps disconnected - and the engine cranked with the plugs out to get the oil into the galleries.
Put the plugs back in.
Reconnected the fuel pumps.
With little hesitation - the engine started up. For the first ten minutes, it idled like crap.
Spun the nuts holding the carbs on the intake manifold down so they weren't finger loose. Idling improved dramatically.
Tried to put the car into gear - NO DICE.
Is there a simple, straightforward way to get the clutch unstuck? I'm thinking this is what's happening. The car has been parked for about two and a half years.

Paul Perkins
Wherever you go - There you are. . .
"Paul C. Perkins, MD

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