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PostPost by: "Peter Walker" » Sat Aug 13, 2005 12:37 pm

This reminded me - a year or so ago I discovered liquid lanolin for stopping
corrosion on stored car parts. It is lanolin (wool fat from sheep) in a
solvent and when you spray it on the solvent evaporates leaving a thin
lanolin coating. It's fantastic for storing parts, you don't even need to
wrap them up. I had an engine block machined few years ago and they sprayed
it with lanolin and it still looks like new, got me searching. You guys
probably already know about this stuff but thought I would mention it just
in case.

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My origional pressed steel bolt ons are WD40ed and in plastic bags
standing by for origionallity, my Cosmics have been on the car for over 30

years because it is cheaper than attempting to ever repair the origionals.
Hey, and hockey is back! (Maybe not with the Panthers) - Go Canucks!!
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