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D'oh! Front hubs reassembly gotcha's

PostPost by: johnjacobs » Sun May 29, 2005 3:00 am

So there's this FRIEND of mine, putting the front hubs back on his elan
+2... Lets call him Homer....

Homer made 5 observations (D'oh! moments) in reassembling his hubs, and
wanted me to record them here for other future novices
on his behalf: (And do please feel free to correct or supplmenent Homer's
comments herein...)

1. Check and re-check the threads on your hubs: LEFT hand threads (turning
left to tighten the spinners) are on the LEFT hand side
of the car (Drivers side in the USA). RIGHT hand hub threads on the RIGHT
hand side.

2. Make sure that the steering arm that connects to the steering rack's
tie-rod-end (track rod end) is fitted to the CORRECT HUB,
and is therefore the RIGHT WAY UP (narrow end of taper in steering arm is
on the bottom). Otherwise, you get 80% of the way
there assembling your front end and have to start over, as Homer did...
(Homer hit the Whiskey at this point...)

3. Install the brake hose bracket to the (outer / front-most) steering arm
bolt BEFORE you fit the hub & disc assembly, so
you can access the bolt head to tighten it down. Remember to bend the
hose-to-caliper brake line so that it clears the lower
trunnion grease nipple point, and does not interfere with the lower
suspension arms when the steering is on full lock.

4. If the hub/disc assembly catches on something as you rotate it you
probably forgot to tighten one of the bolts that
goes through the brake dust shield to the vertical link . (Homer managed
to do this several times during his reassembly... cause
for another Scotch...)

5. If the disk is catching on the brake caliper, make sure you installed
the felt bush the CORRECT way round - i.e. felt side nearest
vertical link, metal cap nearest bearing.

Finally, Homer noted that you will get greasy fingers during the
reassembly process (if, of course, you remembered to re-pack your wheel
with fresh grease), and there's a good chance you will get your greasy
mitts on the brake disk surfaces, so remember to wipe down the
disc with a spirit-soaked cloth (Homer used Acetone, as he'd already
finished his speyside malt by that point...)

So, I hope you save yourself a couple of hours and learn from Homer's
(Oh, and for God's sake, - if Homer screwed up, please let him know
before his wheels unscrew themselves....!)

Oh Behalf of, Homer,

John J.

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