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PostPost by: twincamracing » Thu Jan 13, 2005 5:29 pm


Rich Boyd's experience is pretty close to mine. I've a 1600 Guilia for
a daily driver and it is a delightful ride. Being some 500 pounds
heavier than an Elan it is easy to call one clumsy. Nothing comes close
to the handling of an early Lotus and I've owned more Lotus than any
other make. The Lotus is much more fragile, the cost of the light
weight. An unseen pothole or offroad excursion will likely bend a
control arm (foolish to use a beefier control arm and then bend the
frame). Lower maintenance cost for the ALfa where more vendors vy for
the users money for parts components.

The Alfa GT is an closer comparison to a Lotus Cortina than to an Elan.


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