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Phillip Island Historic Racing 2021

PostPost by: rgh0 » Sun Mar 14, 2021 12:00 am

vstibbard wrote:I agree Rohan, my Group S 1750 with the Benica Brothers prepared a head made 178bhp and solid torque, which at the time was about 10bhp more than the other Alfa's, today same capacity are 195-200bhp and seemingly similar torque!

I had one of my most memorable meetings at Philip Island exchanging 1st and 2nd places with the Victorian Iso Rivolta that raced for quite a few years. I ran with 4.55 diff, Autodelta lightened close ratio gears and shorter 5th which allowed close to max revs' down the mainstraight and me to close up on the Iso into and through the loop, with the only passing option to make the pass stick into the hairpin so I could get away up the back and make a totally committed run over the hill into the right (as your picture) make enough of a gap to hold the Iso out for the drag to the finishing.

Where has the Iso gone?

The 2 litres are making low 200's and lots of mid range torque. I suspect the main change particularly with 2litre Alfetta's is use of one of the flywheel, and lightweight prop shaft.

The guy who ran the Iso retired from racing a few years ago now. He occassionally has come out for regularities.

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