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federal nuts

PostPost by: johnaspencer » Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:49 pm

I got a set of these from ebay and had them machined down to leave octagonal nuts to use with Minilites. (I had tried some ally 26R type spinners from a Welshman also selling on ebay but the ears fractured off after a while and they also backed off occasionally when hot - secured with lockwires though.)

My problem is finding a tool to remove these. I cannot find a 64mm octagonal socket or multipoint. A 65mm works on the two with minimal wear and inserting a 1mm shaped shim moves the other two.

The tool from Paul Matty works for standard steel 4.5J wheels but it has a profile which would score the Minilites.

Any suggestions please of current market tools e.g from in the USA where I will visit in the summer?
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