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PostPost by: jhonnyrockets » Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:04 am

Hi, I have a plus two and want to fit some serious tires as I hate the street tires I have on now , low grip.. I have Lotus Alloys. The only Tire really I can get here in a 13 across the pond is the Toyo r888. At $137 a tire free shipping at a set of 5 (1 for spare) that pretty much the most i'm willing to spend I'm looking at a 185/60/13. It says that they measure 7.4 inches across. Will these fit without fouling the wheel arches? I plan on putting narrower adjustable coil overs in the back so as not to foul the inside. Not too much available here in a super sporty summer Tire. I'm not into the all weather Tire on this car. It is a Sunday drive like a bandit car and I hate the Pirellis on it now ,I don't like all of the slushy tread blocks and they just don't stick, doesn't really suit my driving style. It seems all that is available across the pond is mostly all weather Chinese shit or super track day tires. They have a much cheaper Federal 595 s Tire (around $50 a tire !) which I considered, it looks like a more reasonable performance street Tire, with some rain capabilities but they are 8 inches across, I feel they would foul the bodywork. Plus I really never drive it in the rain, it's my super special treasure car to break out for a Sunday drive or car show or track event Does anyone have a plus two and or know what the maximum tread width that will fit under the stock bodywork. I fear even the toyos at 7.4 inches might still be too much, plus I believe the plus 2 alloy is only a 5.5 rim. I want something on the edge of sanity for the street with perhaps an occasional track day. Plus are they too sticky? Is there such a thing? I read they say some tires are too sticky for the old suspension.. i mean they are not slicks..although they look close to it. Looks to be same style of tire o new Elises. Plus there is a gentleman on here Andy with a green plus two with larger after market rims, but his bodywork looks stock and it looks like the tires on his car are the same im looking at, albeit a rim size larger. Can anyone help me? Over here in the states it's slim pickins on 13 inch rims. And before anyone says anything I'm sticking with the 13 inch rims. I love the look and I'm not gonna get into buying rims, I prefer that look . Any help is much appreciated !
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PostPost by: rgh0 » Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:19 am

175 /60 x 13 fit well on standard plus 2 5.5 inch rims and body. However you will need to flatten the lower spring seat a little next to the wheel.

185 / 60 are getting a little wide for 5.5 inch wheels and the added instability will offset any extra tyre width.

You should be able to fit 185 / 60 OK but you will need to hammer the rear spring seat a little more to get the needed clearance or fit smaller diameter rear springs which is a common conversion on the Elan.

Yoko A-050R are a similar tyre ( better depending on your use) and are available in 175 / 60 x13 in Australia.
Dunlop DZ3G are also available in 175 / 60 x 13 and I have these on my Plus 2 now.

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PostPost by: gus » Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:43 am

The actual tire width is what matters. The bulge of the tire is wider than the tread width by an amount that varies by the tire manufacturer.

I have run 205/60-13 for over 30 years and many miles. The increased stiffness over stock seems to make up for any flaws from being over wide, and the tire height is nominally correct. I cut the spring perch away where it would foul.

When I changed to the Spyder many years ago, it must be ever so slightly off[or should I say, different] and the driver side rear wore a little hole in the body. The fronts will occasionally touch the spot where the headlight pivot bulge is in the wheel well.
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