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After reading in magazines about the virtues of a lighter aluminum flywheel, I purchased a model by Fidanza, made specifically for my twin cam Elan Sprint (1971). The theory being that a lighter flywheel (8lbs vs. the heavier stock unit) makes the engine work easier and puts more power to the wheels. However, I have not yet installed the unit (pending resolution of my starter problems posted elsewhere in this forum), and I now read here and there on the Internet that although a lighter flywheel makes your car "peppier," it does make it a lot easier to stall it as you take off from a stop. (I'm not taking drag racing here, just a more lively Elan for the street.) Has anybody had experience with a lighter flywheel in an Elan? Do you recommend the swap? Should I change out the clutch plate at the same time? Thanks!

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