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Fitting a MT75 box to a std elan chassis

PostPost by: worzel » Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:03 am


Almost there (well almost at the point where I have everything ready to fit). Not a report of success just yet but all I now need is the altered nose piece for the MCT box. Thinking I was being clever I ordered a new one from a Ford LDV since the guide sleeve on these is longer than std- I was then going to have its external circumference machined down to accept the std 4 speed release bearing. Surprise- Ford had very kindly used a thinner walled sleeve so machining down was out of the question- back to my local precision engineer's place to have a special made up. This has been a longwinded learning process. Buying the box was the easiest part by far- having custom made add-ons has been straightforward but very time-consuming.

However, nearly there- once this last item is in my sweaty hands I'll measure up everything that's either been altered and/or fabricated from new and post the pictures. It'll save others considering this idea a lot of wasted time (and some wasted money too).

On a related note, I was considering using an existing speedo cable I've modified (this mates a Type 9 to the elan speedo) but this means running the cable thru the side of the centre tunnel just ahead of the driver's seat. An alternative is to fit either an adaptor from Spyder and use the std right angle drive which is what I was considering doing but now I notice BurtonPower are selling a right angle drive that appears to have an integral adaptor as part of the body alreay. Anybody familiar with the Burton idea?

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