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1966 S3 FHC

PostPost by: SeanB » Sun Jun 05, 2022 1:01 pm

Lotus Elan S3 FHC – 1966 - £29,950

I bought this car from a lovely old lady whose husband had owned the car from new. It was his pride and joy apparently. Unfortunately, he had passed away and after holding onto it for a few years for sentimental reasons, she finally decided to sell it. I have owned the car since 2019.

Prior to me buying the car, it hadn’t moved for roughly twenty years due to age and ill health. I bought it as a restoration project and the work was carried out by me and various specialist companies during 2019 and 2020.
I was aiming for a complete refresh of all the mechanical parts on the car, as you can see below, I got a bit carried away. It has a few sensible upgrades where warranted for reliability etc. I wanted a very clean under bonnet look with minimal wires and hoses showing. I also wanted a subtly upgraded interior with a few more accurate gauges and a decent radio etc.

As I got into the restoration, I could tell that pretty much everything needed replacing or refurbishing, so that is what I did.

Since completing the car it has covered approximately 750 miles without fault. My reason for selling is that I just don’t use it enough. It was all about the project for me and I am itching to do another one now, so the Elan must go in order to fund that.

If you have any questions feel free to give me a call on: 07967662294

The restoration consisted of the following, I am sure I have probably forgotten a load of things, but the highlights are below. I have receipts for all of the following:

• Complete engine rebuild including new valves, valve guides and valve seats, new bearings and seals throughout
• Brand New 40DCOE Webbers with new K&N filters
• New water pump – Paul Matty
• New ‘H&H Ignition Solutions’ electronic distributor
• New oil pump – Paul Matty
• New alloy radiator with electric fan – Tony Thompson
• New alloy header tank / swirl pot – Tony Thompson
• New water hoses and heater hoses
• New MSD super conductor ignition leads
• New Paul Matty stainless Steel exhaust system and manifold
• New Paul Matty alloy fuel tank with upgraded baffles
• New Weber electric fuel pump
• New starter motor
• The engine was set up at Northamptonshire Motorsport and anyone who knows Troy, knows he does a great job. The result is a very sweet running little engine that still has every one of its factory 100BHP.

Suspension and Brakes
• New Ball joints and bushes throughout the whole car
• New Trunions
• New wheel bearings all round
• Rebuilt gearbox – McMillan Motorsport
• Rebuilt diff – McMillan Motorsport
• Tony Thompson diff brace bar
• Rebuilt prop shaft with new UJ’s
• Rebuilt solid drive shafts with new UJ’s
• 4 new ‘Minilite’ alloy wheels
• 4 refurbished spinners
• 5 new Dunlop Streetresponse 2 tyres – 175/70 R13
• Complete new rear hubs and uprights with height adjustable spring platforms – Tony Thompson
• New Tony Thompson adjustable Koni shock absorbers
• New track rod ends
• New brake master cylinder
• New clutch master cylinder
• New clutch slave cylinder
• New braided clutch hose
• New uprated plus 2 front brake kit including bigger disks and callipers
• New rear disks
• Refurbished rear callipers
• New handbrake cable and handbrake rods
• New braided brake hoses throughout

• New carpet set throughout
• New crash pad
• New Tony Thompson 26R Carbon seats
• New ‘Retro Sound’ DAB / Bluetooth / FM radio
• New dashboard
• New Smiths electronic gauges
• New wiring loom
• Programable power distribution module to replace fuses and relays
• New head lining
• New battery
• New window rubbers
• New door seals
• New interior lamps
• New ‘Sabelt’ harnesses
• New washer bottle with electric pump, mounted in the boot

• New boot hinges
• New boot stay
• New door ball and socket hinges
• New front bumper
• New rear bumper
• New headlights with 26R style fixed light covers
• New side lights
• New indicators
• New grill
• New horn
• New badges
• New locking fuel cap

Elan main front.JPG and

Elan back.jpg and

Elan front right.jpg and

Elan rear left.jpg and

Elan Dash.jpg and

Elan Boot.jpg and

Engine bay front.jpg and

Engine bay side.jpg and

Elan 4.jpg and
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PostPost by: webbslinger » Mon Jun 06, 2022 4:22 am

That is a super looking car Sean. I don't know how you can sell it for that.
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PostPost by: kjb3l » Tue Jun 07, 2022 7:51 pm

WOW - beautiful & immaculate!
Good luck with your sale.
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PostPost by: andyj007 » Tue Jun 14, 2022 3:05 am

wonderfull job looks super,, good luck with the sale

could you possible share any more info on the "Programable power distribution module to replace fuses and relays" and perhaps a picture ? interested in this for mine


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PostPost by: Cadence » Wed Jul 27, 2022 8:10 am

Hello Sean,
Is your car still for sale?

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PostPost by: SeanB » Wed Jul 27, 2022 1:36 pm

Yep, car still for sale.
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PostPost by: SeanB » Wed Sep 28, 2022 10:38 am

Car is now Sold.
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