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1966 Lotus S3 race car for sale

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I'm selling my Lotus S3 race car. I also just listed it on ebay although I'm willing to listed to offers . My apologies if I listed this under the wrong section. Here are the details....

This Lotus was purpose built as a race car in 2012 by Dave Rollo, famed Canadian Lotus race car driver, builder, and restorer. It was built using a 1966 Lotus S3 and a factory galvanized replacement frame. I've personally been in contact with Dave, discussed this car at length, and bought some spare parts from him. He said that this car was built using all the best parts from the UK and USA including Tony Thompson Racing and Burton Engineering and Lee Chapman here in the US. This car was raced once in Canada and had an additional track day plus dyno time and then was sold to a gentleman in Colorado to use as a backup for his other Lotus. He never raced it and sold it to me over a year ago and with two very young children it does not look like I will be racing soon. I ran this car when I first got it and since then it has been stored in the back of my shop and all lI have done is turn the engine over periodically. The car would only need minor recommissioning and sorting. One small quirk is that the steering column was modified by the last owner so that he could have more legroom. It looks like a simple bracket for the steering column would take care of it. I bought the windshield frame and factory S3 side window frames and windows with plans of making this a proper vintage car with a full windshield and perhaps a hardtop. The rollbar would require modification to fit under a stock hardtop. This car was built using only the best parts and the amount of funds required to duplicate this car is at least several times my asking price. This car is currently registered here in Georgia in my name. Georgia is a non title state for this year car but this paperwork will allow one to title this car in their state if required. Also, this paperwork is good for export anywhere in the world. I also have a logbook from both the Canadian Automobile and Sport Club and Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing.

Here are the specs for this car....

-Factory galvanized replacement chassis. The front arms are Tony Thompson Racing (TTR) fully adjustable. TTR fully adjustable racing shocks. Alloy hubs. TTR springs and front sway bar. Fully adjustable rear struts and 26r fully adjustable rear lower arms. Rear brakes are Girling. 9.75 inch front rotors and 10 inch rear rotors. Willwood adjustable pedal box. 6 inch Minilite wheels.

-Lotus 1558cc engine dyno tested at 175 horsepower. Twin Weber 45DCOE carburetors. New factory Lotus head fully ported with 1.65 inlet valves and 1.4 exhaust valves. Farndon crankshaft steel billet counter weighted 6 bolt. Kent ph4 camshafts. Venolia forged pistons. Billet rods. Ultralight steel flywheel. 7 1/4 clutch AP twin plate. Titan dry sump pump and alloy sump pan. TTR large bore full race exhaust. TTR solid race motor mounts. MSD ignition with rev limiter.

-The body is a 1966 S3 with front and rear 26r fenders from TTR. The front and rear bumper are also 26r pieces from TTR. Factory front windshield frame and S3 side windows frames and windows included.

-The transmission is a 2000E 4 speed. Close ratio gears with a Quaife dog box. Billet steel shift forks. Titan hydraulic clutch.

-The rear differential 3.9 Crown ring and pinion, Quaife limited slip, billet diff output shafts, constant velocity drive shafts, TTR billet axles and rear hubs

Copy and paste the following link into your browser for lots of pictures....


Here is the ebay link...

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