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1971 Elan +2S 130/4 for sale

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The Lotus is a 1971 Elan +2S 130/4. Chassis No. 7100000494L, Engine No. P21133. First registration 22nd September 1971 with the Lotus "big valve" engine fitted to later models and 4 speed gearbox.

Pictures: https://picasaweb.google.com/sfacer/Lot ... directlink
Looking for ?9750 (?8,000)

I have owned the car just over 4 years and bought it from Paul Matty Sportscars and drove it over to Dublin where she has lived since. It has always been owned by Lotus enthusiasts and has a very complete history file with it detailing everything ever done to the car, receipts, valuation certs, MOT certs, including the original owners handbook, service book, warranty and warranty & receipt from the Lotus factory.

Engine & gearbox
The engine has about 95K miles on the clock. At 54,630 miles the car was totally rebuilt by Lotus themselves including an engine rebuild. The chassis was also replaced at this stage with a new Lotus chassis. All this work was done by the Lotus factory. She has twin Weber carbs. The engine is very solid, has good compression on all cylinders and pulls strongly in all gears, lots of torque . A couple of years ago I had a head gasket leak so had to take the head off and took the opportunity to do a mini recondition. So the head was skimmed, the engine de-coked, new core plugs, new cam bearings, new valve seats and valve guides fitted. She does drip a little oil (She's over 40 years old we're all allowed to dribble a little when we're over 40 :) but nothing of any significance. I have the oil changed pretty regularly and never really have to top her up. Everything in the engine bay is as it should be, she does have a solid state electronic ignition fitted so no points and gap setting to worry about. The engine starts first time even in winter.
The gear box is the 4 speed model and is excellent, a really nice solid change and no problems at all (this is a much better gearbox than the 5 speed maxi gearbox fitted to the later models in my opinion).

Interior is also very original. The Walnut dash is immaculate and looks brand new, you can see that in the photos. I have kids so have fitted lap belts to the rear seats. She is useable as a 4 seater, great for kids but you wouldn't want to take adults in the back for anything more than just a short journey. The driver's seat does have a split but it is on a seam and would be easy to patch or repair (I have seen the same split on other Lotus, seems a common issue), otherwise good. Currently the drivers ashtray is out of the door, I have it and just need to screw it back in. The electric windows work but the driver's side is a little slow. The inertia reel seat belt on the driver's side is reluctant to reel in. I have it set to use as a fixed length belts as it is only me that drives the car.

The car is very original in Silverflake over Bahama Yellow, the original factory colours. The body work is in good condition, no damage and all the fibre glass is good. There is some crazing in places and "crows feet" around the boot hinges but nothing major and all in the gel coat only. There are some blemishes in the paint work and the odd chip but again nothing major. It's fiberglass so no rust to worry about and nothing that needs attending to soon. All the panels and gaps are good. Everyone comments on what good condition she looks and you can see from the photos that she does look really well.The chrome on both bumpers is ok and polish up well. The rest of the bright work is OK though the chrome is flaking off the beading around the rear window. I did unfortunately recently put a dent in the rear bumper but doesn't look too bad. Alloy wheels . Tyres are good, I fitted new tyres to the rear about 18months ago. Headlights pop up fine.

Structure etc.
Brakes are great. I had all new brake pads fitted last summer, including the handbrake. The brake calipers were all reconditioned with new pistons and the brake master cylinder replaced. New brake disc were fitted to the rear at this time as well. I have had the clutch slave cylinder replaced. I also had all new Rotoflex joints fitted last year. Chassis has been replaced with an original Lotus chassis and is in good condition. SS exhaust. There are a few rattles and noises but she is in good driveable condition all round.

Uprated alternator fitted and new battery. There is a master cut off switch in the boot and I tend to disconnect this whenever I leave the car for more than a few hours.

All in all she is a good car, very driveable and very solid. She is not a show car and is not in concourse condition but I believe cars are meant to be driven so she is my only car and an every day driver, which means I have had to maintain her and make sure she runs. She is over 40 years old now so don't expect perfection but overall she is a great little car and will only appreciate in value if kept running .

If there is anything specific you want me to take pictures of let me know or have if you any other specific questions just get in touch.

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Sweet ride Steve.

Sure wish we had more Plus 2's over here.

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