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cam cover paint

PostPost by: Quart Meg Miles » Sat Apr 06, 2024 9:36 pm

TomMull wrote:Mea Culpa.

I now have incorrect head, carburetors and cam cover.

Ita Sit


Actually, Tom, I overlooked that you have a +2S and I'm not qualified to designate the colours on those. I believe the original +2 had S/E tuning and they had Green covers on the smaller Elan.

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PostPost by: TomMull » Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:17 pm


Thanks, I do appreciate your input.
My Plus 2 S has had numerous seriously botched repairs in the past and my goal is to make those right, using as much of the original or repaired components as possible. Hence, the cam cover color is of little concern.
That said, I do have some red paint left over from the chassis. (International Harvester Red).
Now, on to the head gasket.

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PostPost by: MACCA.GLM » Sun Apr 07, 2024 6:09 pm


I asked the question on what I need to do to prepare for the crackle finish on my sprint big valve cam cover . Im not interested in colours I know what my sprint should be.What I need to know is the correct procedure to get the cam cover prepared. Do I strip it as Gordon says with a chemical stripper or sand blast it to completely get rid of original paint. Then before I spray it do I mask off all the protruding sprint lines and words, or can I spray the lot and sand off the protruding lines.IE big valve and the lines.

If anyone has done this please enlighten me

I just need to know the process


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PostPost by: Gordon Sauer » Sun Apr 07, 2024 7:26 pm

As I indicated, I chemically stripped it, and I’ve done this on the my Esprit valve covers as well and scuff it and spray it with the VHT red and actually put it in the Texas Sun in August and use a razor blade to run it along the letters and ribs and cut off the VHT, Gordon
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PostPost by: mbell » Sun Apr 07, 2024 9:14 pm

I stripped mine, can't remember how, good clean and then vht paint. I think I scaped the paint off the letting when wet and sanded in paint dried.
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PostPost by: prezoom » Mon Apr 08, 2024 2:40 pm

I bead blasted my cover to remove the old paint. While it was naked, I sprayed a very light coat of contact glue on a very flat surface and put down 4 sheets of sand paper. Moved the cam cover in figure 8 motion to make sure the gasket surface was as flat as possible. Found there were a couple of places where the front of the cover transitions to length that made no contact with the abrasive. Filled those spots with JB Weld, and continued sanding until the gasket surface was completely flat. Then masked off the Lotus raised lettering with tape and sprayed with crinkle paint. Left the cover out in the sun for the day too dry. Nor only did the cover look a bunch better, the now flat gasket surface cured all the oil leaks.
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