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The Isuzu 5 speed gearbox thing from the top.

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Hi All,

Time to condense all these messages into one thread.

John C wrote:

Ray, I found the following at <http://www.xs4all.nl/~mjs/storygemini.html>.
Question: Do you know if the first generation Gemini described below corresponds to the subject Isuzu Gemini 5-speed donor?

"The first generation Gemini was introduced as Isuzu Bellett Gemini in November 1974 as a 4-door Sedan and a 2-door Coup? with the same body shell as the third generation Opel Kadett (wheelbase 235 cm). The car was renamed Isuzu Gemini by November 1976. By 1975 it was assembled in Australia as Holden Gemini. In Malaysia it was known as Opel Gemini. By 1976 it was sold inthe USA as Opel Isuzu, also known as Buick Opel. From 1981 on it was sold there as Isuzu I-Mark. With a wheelbase of 244 cm with its own body shell came in June 1981 the Isuzu Piazza (Coup?), from May 1983 sold in USA as Isuzu Impulse, and in Australia (from 1986) as Holden Piazza."

There are no pictures attached to this site to confirm, however I am sure this is the car that has the gearbox in question. I have one of these boxeswaiting for me at a local wrecker and I will collect it tomorrow. I can take some images of it for reference for others if you like. I will also advise any serial numbers on the gearbox. Give me until Monday for this.

John C added:

The following Isuzu 5-speed tranny is listed on Ebay. The listing includesa picture of the transmission. Ray, do you know if this looks like the Isuzu Gemini donor transmission?

"Isuzu 5-Speed Transmission, Pickup. 5-Speed Transmission manufactured by Isuzu, This transmission came out of a 1978 Opel but is the same as many Japanese Pick-up's used during the late 70's and 80's.

That certainly looks like the transmission to me, but I will confirm once Icollect my Gemini transmission from the wrecker tomorrow. Ask that sellerfor the distance between the leading edge of the bell housing and if its the same distance as your Elan, then go for it.

John C added further:

I am thinking that, as a minimum, if we could determine the Isuzu part number for the transmission it should be then possible to determine all applications of this transmission. I am also thinking a 5-speed conversion packagemight make a nice
business opportunity for someone in Australia.

The Sydney guys that have done these conversions are thinking about making a conversion kit available. I have yet to hear back from them on this but I think its a great business opportunity for them.

Rohan wrote:

It does not look like any of the Sydney based Lotus crowd who have been doing these are on the list or i would have expected them to reply by now.

I know the Sydney guys that do the conversion and they don't appear to be on the list. I looked at their work on a S4 Elan and a Plus 2 chassis and its a very tidy job.

Externally the only difference I can see is an adaptor plate approx 20mm thick to match the twink block to the gearbox. I presume you also need a newor modified rear gearbox mount to pick up the different box and a new pressure plate and potentially spigot bearing to match the box input shaft. Thegear lever will need modification to get the right length lever fitted to the new box though the position it comes through the tunnel is identical tothe original.

Rohan is correct on all of these points. Steve Taylor at the Elan factory provided the following additional advice:

"You need to make an adapter plate for the bell housing. Alter the propshaft and re-balance to suit. Turn the gearbox rear cross member thru 180 degrees. The exhaust system needs to be modified to clear under the gearbox. The clutch needs to be modified.
Only other option is to look at Sierra gearbox but the ratios are not ideal"
Cheers, Steve

Stan A added:

This might possibly be a useful source of info on the Isuzu 5 speeds and their applications. I'm not sure its the same one as the Australian folks are referring to. Unfortunately, the pictures don't display (for me anyway).

I couldn't get the pictures to load either. But it looks like a good source for information.

I think what needs to happen from here is for to collect the gearbox from he wrecker and take some images of it for the list and advise all numbers onthe box. From there we can work out a list of the cars this gearbox was fitted to and go from there

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