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Elan 3-rail transmission dimensions

PostPost by: tmr » Sun Nov 19, 2000 5:12 am

Greg Zelazek was kind enough to provide a disassembled 4-speed
gearbox today for inspection. It is a later transmission with the
longer tailshaft section. Some of the early cars may differ. Here
are a some APPROXIMATE overall dimensions for those of you who are
out there searching for a suitable 5-speed gearbox:

Overall length (including bell housing): 31"
Bell housing length: 6 3/4"
Center section (gearbox) length: 8"
Tailshaft section length: 16 1/4"
Distance from front of bell housing to shift lever: ~17 1/4"
Height of bell housing at engine: 13 1/4"
Height of center (gearbox) section: ~8"(cover adds ~1/4", plug ~3/4")
Height of tailshaft section at front: ~7"
Diameter of tailshaft at rear: ~2"
Width of bell housing (max.): ~15"
Width of center section (max.): ~6"
Width of tailshaft section (max.): ~6"
Height of input shaft from bottom of bell housing: ~6 1/4"
Height of input shaft from bottom of center section: ~5" (not
including plug; measured from bottom of housing)

There are a few more that I'll think of later. These are ROUGH
dimensions to get you in the ballpark. It dawned on me as I looked
at the components that perhaps the best approach would be to use the
Twincam bell housing with an adaptor to the 'new' gearbox. One would
use the original pressure plate with the clutch from the new gearbox,
perhaps with a concentric slave cylinder.

I also considered that it would be best if this 5-speed came from a
cheap and plentiful (but reliable) donor. The Miata or Toyota come
to mind, though some seem to have a dislike of anything Japanese.
Too reliable!?

Any thoughts or comments?

Tom Roberds
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