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Re: My Burgundi Elan plus 2 from 1968 to be restored : Sven

PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2020 12:07 pm
by baileyman
If the fuel line runs through the tunnel as for the Elan, the 26R type reinforcing may get in the way. I could not figure a way to drill it nicely, so I then ran it through the shell. Hopefully the Plus 2 routing will avoid this problem for you.

I found myself making a number of specially shaped blocks to use while jacking. One, as mentioned, spreads the load across a rear a-frame and disk, another; spreads the load across the front crossmember with a cutout for the tow hook my frame has attached. Another to allow jacking in the center of the rear subframe that reaches around the exhaust pipe. And another that simply holds a wheel up while I move the jack to that point because my ride height is too low to get the jack under there in one step. In addition I made a rolling frame to hold the subframe at a comfortable height while attaching the corners and other bits. Much recommended.

My subframe was very nearly rusted as much as yours, which made decision making quite easy: get every new part possible and salvage what cannot be found new! But fettling all those new parts has been quite an exercise because none of the holes were already there.