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PostPost by: kevin » Mon Mar 01, 2004 9:23 pm

After 18 years my Plus2 is finally back on the road! I bought the car just over a year ago and have spent the past 9 months sorting the mechanics out. Today it passed its MOT and I?ve driven it for the first time. The engine needs a bit of tuning and running-in after its re-build, but it?s going well all the same. I?ve still got a long way to go with the interior and paintwork but it?s a great feeling to be able to drive the car. :rolleyes:

Interestingly, my chassis number is already on the plus 2 register but in the USA (I?m in the UK if you hadn?t already guessed). I checked my car out with Lotus Cars when I bought it and everything seemed to be in order. I even found the number behind the dash when I came to replace it. The number on my V5 logbook is N0.0057 not 50/0057 as it should be. Lotus told me that it was probably a mistake at the DVLA when the car was first registered as they weren?t too particular about these things at the time. The car had received a replacement chassis at some time but the body and engine numbers match Lotus? records.

Can anyone out there shed any further light on this anomaly?

Many thanks for everyone?s help over the past few months

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PostPost by: +2R160 » Wed Mar 03, 2004 12:23 pm

Kevin, congratulations on getting your +2 back on the road! It makes a refreshing change that someone is actually restoring a +2 rather than breaking it up for the parts value. I am in the same situation, but a little further down the road (literally and metaphorically).

I can't really comment authoratively on the identity issue, though I suspect with the identity plate and V5 matching (close enough - the actual unit number 0057 is the same) and Lotus confirming engine and body numbers everything is above board. Interestingly body numbers and identity plate/VIN numbers are often different - I am told due to the fact that some bodies were scrapped or held back in the manufacturing process. My car has a body number 'stamped' on the rear top edge of the engine bay (drivers side behind the carbs) and also scratched into the inside panels of the doors and the number is different (about 45 higher) than the unit number.

With a 0057 unit number your car is probably one of the first +2's released for sale.

Regards, David.
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PostPost by: cdraper » Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:09 pm

I have too restored a plus 2 - well worth the effort and for the larger man much more pleasent to drive than the small Elan. Can you tell me the web address of the +2 site/register, plus a contact name at Lotus. Mine by the way is so good have bought a CN convertable to keep it company.
Chris Draper
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