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Ebay....Why do they allow people to do it?

PostPost by: Bud English » Sun Feb 17, 2019 5:00 pm

When you live out in the sticks, eBay and Amazon are almost essential resources. I have both bought and sold on eBay and have about a thousand transactions. I've bought everything from common hardware to my Zetec crate motor on eBay. I've never had a bad experience as a buyer. You are pretty well protected.

As a seller, some protection is there but very limited. I've only had two bad experiences where the buyer defrauded me and I lost money. It wasn't much but it has put me off on selling anything of real value on eBay.
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PostPost by: Adam_R » Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:09 pm

miked wrote:I have bought many good parts and items on Ebay and met some very nice and honest people.
I watch BSA classics and as many as 30 fraudulent listings can appear in minutes and do so on a regular basis. I have reported many but as mentioned you get to spot the format and MO. Silly low prices also. So i personlly just see it as a nuisance.
They do get taken down but whoever posts them has an appetite to keep at it.
I suppose Ebay struggle to monitor all posts even if they have some kind of scan to ID the MO of the poster.

I'm also a watcher of BSA's on eBay, the amount of scam adverts is unbelievable!
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