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I doubt this is the case here but please be careful, alarm bells ring with me the moment they say 'they are away at the moment' as that can be an indicator that it's an attempted fraud. They've lifted photos and text from the Internet and try to get you to either buy the car and they agree to deliver it to you or collect a deposit and you never see the car. There are some very cunning scammers out there. As I say it probably isn't the case but be aware.

Again Good Luck.

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PostPost by: LotusAnglia » Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:45 pm

Hi Steve,

thanks for the thoughts/advice.

I will be very careful.

I want to see the copies of the paperwork before I go and see it

I want to verify the paperwork before I go and see it

Then if the paperwork looks ok, I'll go and have a look and make sure my wife is holding my wallet. This might be next weekend 30th/9 because my wife is from the region where the car is (as it may happen) and we'll be down there visiting the in-laws next weekend

I'll check everything that everybody here has told me to check and photograph it all. If I am confident then I'll leave a small symbolic deposit that I can afford to lose and go home, and get all of the numbers on the car verified

If all adds up, I'll go down with a trailer and the cash the following weekend

That's the plan :?

I will be very cautious, if this process achieves one thing, it's put the Lotus Elan's on my radar, they weren't in the past, I knew about them of course but overlooked them. And now I am seeing what beauties the Elan, the Plus 2 and the Europa are. When I was in short trousers I had Corgi Lotus ?clat and JPS Racing Car, I got it for my birthday. This exercise is rekindling old memories and putting these models on my radar. And I have to say, the Plus 2 is a beautiful car as is of course the Elan.

You all probably know that Classic and Sports Car has a feature this month on the Elans. Everybody had them Bernie Ecclestein, Max Mosely etc.

And as they write in the article, Elans are still shall we say, affordable.

So we'll see what happens, if it doesn't work out, at least the Elans are on my radar.

Please all, I am treading carefully and happy for all advice.

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PostPost by: LotusAnglia » Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:13 am

Hi All,

update: still no response from the Seller regarding copies of the documentation

If I don't get them by Friday, I'll be in his region at the weekend and will try to meet
and view the documentation, if a meeting is not possible then I'll accept defeat.

Will send an update when/if there is any news.

As ever, if this thread achieves one thing, it records transparently the subject which could be useful to others in the future.

I remain hopeful and persistent, but not na?ve.

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