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Anyone know anything about these cars?

PostPost by: westiman » Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:21 pm

I've been lucky enough to own 2 x Plus 2S 130's over the years and I'm wondering if anyone else has also had experience of BOW 66K which I owned in the 80's and KIA 5553 the car I own now.
BOW was a 4 speed with deep red body with silver roof. I bought it in Southsea and sold it to a chap in Dulwich if I recall correctly.
KIA is also a 4 speed and was bought just over a year ago in Guildford.
If anyone has BOW tucked away I would be pleased to hear how she is now.
Regarding KIA if anyone can fill in any gaps (which is anytime from its sale in '73 to date - it came with little history) I would be pleased to hear from you.
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PostPost by: EPC 394J » Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:28 pm

According to DVLA:

KIA was manufactured in 1973, first registered 07 Mar 74. It is taxed (until 01 May 15) MOT (until 26 Sep 15) and currently blue in colour. But you probably knew all that! :D

BOW was manufactured in 1971, first registered 18 Feb 72. It is SORN, last recorded as red in colour.

I believe it is possible (with a suitable reason!) to request current keeper details from DVLA?

I've also owned two Plus 2s, and WLTF EPC 394J! Which is currently taxed, but not tested! :cry:
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PostPost by: westiman » Sat Jan 24, 2015 8:54 am

Hi EPC 394 J

Many thanks for your reply. I had been to the DVLA and got the information you supplied but its always nice to be verified from an independent source as I have found in the past that the DVLA can be a bit iffy with these things !
I will try for current keeper details thanks.
I have been trying to find out why KIA took a year to be registered as it was supplied to a dealer in Manchester in March '73 but wasn't registered by the DVLA until '74 as you say. As the reg No is Irish I assume it went there for a while. I did try the Irish equivalent of the DVLA but they were packing up and transferring their records to the UK DVLA at the time and with only 2 days to the big transfer day they just said get in touch with the DVLA.
That was about 3 months ago so I haven't tried it yet as I doubt anything's been sorted out at this end yet.
I have had some luck with BOW as the son of the first owner has contacted me.
Lets hope there's still more knowledge to come from around this site.
Says a lot about Plus 2's that they make people keep going back to them.
Thanks again for your help
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