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BPK806 project underway

PostPost by: BullAndrew » Wed Oct 22, 2014 3:22 pm

At last started some real work, I didn?t count stripping down (and anyway that had been part done for me)
P1000309.JPG and

New sill members arrived in the posit this morning from Spyder, I had already opened up and removed (let the dust fall out) old sill and started cleaning up as the sill has some damage.
P1000456.JPG and

P1000452.JPG and

I thought it was a join where a front end had been grafted on, and while the join goes across the drivers foot well it stops at the transmission tunnel, leading me to believe it is part of an accident repair, I also take this view as the paint history of the front wing and rear are the same.

The car is registered yellow, looking at the part rubbed down shell just before the primer there is a BRG, could that have been the original colour or is it some sort of base coat ? any thoughts.

Back to the sill I will post some photos of the repair, but to make sure everything is straight I propose to fit the sill before I repair the fiberglass. I had also thought about foam injection I am not sure what it would do for the strength of the sill but it must help as the fiberglass would not flex ?
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PostPost by: PeterK » Fri Oct 24, 2014 2:19 pm

Enjoy your journey
(In Fleet, so can I come and see)
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