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Recently I ventured to check out a beautifully rebuilt +2 on a Spider chassis. The car has a chequered past though it is very hard to see now.
I won't give the owner name in the interest of privacy but I can say he is very proud man.
I broached the topic of Air Conditioning some months ago on this Forum with a good amount of interest.
This car is powered by a very late model Toyota 2 ltr engine and gearbox. A beautiful transplant that looks really neat and tidy. The Toyo compressor is used also the lines to the Control unit with Air vents fitted towards the base of the Dash necessitating the original row of switches to be relocated and replaced with Jaguar items. Certainly is very original looking. Being In Queensland we are subject to high summer temperature and Air Con is a very pleasant luxury for us oldies.
Having seen the result of this conversion I am quite determined to do the same for my +2, these days there are so many parts available and so compact.
The fellow who did this conversion is apparently doing the same on a Aston Martin with all items and controls mounted in the boot with the ducted air from the rear of the car directed at head height, very interesting.
Next feat is to attempt to ad some photos, can it be done !!
See ya,
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