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Hi Guys:

This morning I saw this film dedicated to Colin Chapman and Team Lotus
The link was previously publised in this forum.
It is marvellous!!!!


In one of the scenes you can see Colin Chapman driving a Silver Lotus Elan 2S and jumping into his aeroplane.
As I am curious about that silver Elan I researched the web and I found he owned a Lotus Elan 2S 130 tawny gold/silver roof (so it is slightly different from film footage)
Plate JAH 567L
This car was auctioned in 1999
Does someone have more info and photos about this car?
I intend to buld one in 1/43 with a SMTS kit.....I?ll keep my fingers crossed
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Chapman had at least half a dozen new cars a year so that he could keep abreast of production and performance (and weight!) issues. He never had the cars registered in his name.

If I can recall, Hazel Chapman held on to her company cars for longer and may have had them registered in her name, though I suspect this is unlikely. Someone was selling what was purported to be her Plus 2 a few years ago.

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