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Track prepared +2?

PostPost by: Dave240 » Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:51 pm

Since I got my car, I've been debating what approach I am going to take when rebuilding it. When I bought the car, it was entirely disassembled and it seems there are lots of interior bits missing the more I delve into the project. I also really enjoy racing, there's a great little track with lapping events near my house and a new road course that will be finished next year. The local racing association hosts vintage classes of all their races too. So I'm thinking of turning the car into more of a track prepared weekend racer. I'll emphasize spending money on the engine and suspension, rather than blowing my life savings on getting the interior back to showroom quality. I was thinking more of just the dash and two seats, for the interior. I found some very nice vintage looking race seats that I am told will fit the car.

Anyone on here have experience with tracking their +2? I know it's not as ideal as other Elans but it seems like it would still be a decently competitive car on the track. What are the weaker points of the car, when it comes to driving them hard? I'd love to pick the brains of some guys who have track experience in their +2.
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