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Elan +2 in Switzerland?

PostPost by: pwhitehouse » Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:42 pm

My son who lives in Zurich acquired a 1973 +2 S130/5 last summer here in the UK (RHD) and I have spent the intervening time restoring/recommissioning it. Now with rebuilt engine, gearbox, radiator, brakes, electrics and reupholstered, thoughts are on exporting this car to Switzerland, if practicable. Does anyone know of any significant pitfalls which might make this difficult? I can imagine obvious things like km speedo and right hand dip headlights need installing but are there any other physical alterations required to satisfy the Swiss licensing authorities? The bureaucracy involved in the import process as usual appears to be fairly detailed. I would appreciate any advice from forum contributors who have first hand experience in similar matters.

Many thanks in anticipaation - Peter Whitehouse
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PostPost by: vernon.taylor » Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:26 am

Salut Peter

I can advise for France, but not for Switzerland - could possibly be a back door though.

Look at the Elan register and try contacting a Swiss.



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PostPost by: melon.28 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:10 am


I' think you can registry the car in switzerland easy
For oldtimer you can register the car under "veteran" category (3000km by year MoT every 6 year)
The car must in original condition, in fact no modification, like Zetec, modified body etc...

As you suggest KM speedo, indicators lens color or light must modified.

One thing also the swiss administration don't like for Veteran / oldtimer is Modern Brake line (like aeroquip)
Often they required original one... Don't ask why it's administration.

Plus the three-eared KO spinner wheel are not suitable for swiss laws, You need to have the hexagonal KO nut.

I' have no connection with this guy, but you can try to contact him, its a lotus specialist close to Zurich, from heard he has very good reputation.



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PostPost by: gherlt » Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:33 pm

my Elan S3 was imported from germany to switzerland in 2006, but not as ".Veteran".
Problem on the "veteran" is you are imited to 2 or 3.000 km /year, but MOTs are every 4 to 6 years (instead of 2).

You dont need a km speedo, you can just mark the relevant speeds (30,50,80, etc on the speedo).
As far as I can remember the most difficult part was the drive-by noise test, this can only be done at some specific lo cations.
In my case the MFK (Vaduz) didn't say nothing about the three eared spinners (the Germans did).

I can confirm the case of the brakes, they have to be original. As most of the appearance of the car. Any modern mods are not accepted.
But I suppose if they dont see electronic ignition, they wont protest.
1964 S1 (engine ready, awainting body paint)
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1969 S4 FHC (waiting for return pickup)

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