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+2 Rebuild

PostPost by: cdraper » Fri Nov 14, 2003 11:08 am

I rebuilt my +2 a couple of years ago to as near original specification as I could. Since then I have carried out some modifactions, firstly a large electric fan - tempaerature now nevers goes above 85?C - but be careful after 30 minutes at idle - with an alternator the battery is nearly flat!
Mod. number two was to replace the mechanical pump by an electric one mounted in a nice cool place next to the tube to the air filter! The old mechanical pumps can give trouble with modern petrol additives and are a sod to get at! Vapour locks experienced this last summer now a thing of the past. Feed for pump taken from solinoid via relay controlled by feed to brake light switch ie through ignition swith as connection to coil - standard practise upset the rev counter!!
Mod number three was to take another feed from the solinoid to relays at the A pillars, the relays were controlled by the original electric window switches/wiring. Before I had nine volts at the window motors, I now have 12+ volts and the windows go up and down really well.
Car is an early 130S built April,1971 so your may have a different wiring set up!!
I recommend these mods to anybody who wants peace of mind! All are easily reversible.
Chris Draper
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