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+2s130/5 rebuild

PostPost by: graham » Fri Aug 14, 2009 7:39 am

have decided to get car going and use-1600gt from a capri 69 711m block.Head has been ported etc and have twin dellortos to fit .Bottom end balanced and engine mounts in same place. Have 4 speed 130 box so hopefully able to get on road and use while looking for twink and isuzu 5 speed. Thanks for the replies-saw a red +2 on ebay uk with a crossflow fitted looked ok. Will check out alternatives as time progresses. Maybe daughter in uk will be helpfull.
Just been stripping paint from bonnet with heat gun -tried sanding and even resorted to belt sander with no effect. Dont know what paint was used but sure didnt want to come off.
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PostPost by: jeff jackson » Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:21 pm

Hi Graham,
Glad you found an engine to use. On the subject of front wheel drive engines, I thought that Ford still used the same block castings from the Kent even in the Zetec, hence you being able to match the zetec with the MT 75 gearbox. In fact the lotus 5 speed, or the bullit 4 speed have the same bell housing mounts etc.. Ford made them all pretty much interchangable.
Would be interested in the future to know what engine you end up with. I have the TC and a five speed G/B, and we are looking to emigrate to Oz soon. I want to bring the elan with me, so just in case the old girl blows up when it's over there, be interested in what engines could fit.
For the time being its a TC!
Kinmd regards
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