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Some initial tips please...

PostPost by: Midlife » Sun Sep 10, 2006 8:12 pm

Where do I start... Firstley appologies for any quetions already asked. I have defected from TVR (350 Tasmin) and bought a +2 in the main for sprinting! (not novice to sprinting). I thought of the following first to get her handling right, have I got the right list :?:

Modified drive shafts CV type
Fully adjustable suepension kit koni/spax sort, front & rear
Susp bushes like supaflex
Uprated antiroll bar
Quick rack steering rack
Quaife LSD (dog box later)
Brakes thinking of new standard disc's and pads firts(?)
New alloys with Yokas A032s first, slicks another day...

Roll cage having problems here... only rollcentre do a cage made to measure and fit, not sure whether to just get a roll bar first?

Oh!! and what bl**dy club do I join?

Any advice would be really appreciated.

Cheers :D

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PostPost by: chicagojeff » Mon Sep 11, 2006 3:03 am

For my S3 I did most of what you are thinking:

Modified drive shafts CV type--yes
Fully adjustable suepension kit koni/spax sort, front & rear-yes
Susp bushes like supaflex--not yet, but yes
Uprated antiroll bar--safety designs integrated 6 point bolt-in
Quick rack steering rack--yes
Quaife LSD (dog box later)--no
Brakes thinking of new standard disc's and pads firts(?)--yes
New alloys with Yokas A032s first, slicks another day... --not yet, but should do.

you're on the right track!
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PostPost by: rgh0 » Tue Sep 12, 2006 1:35 pm

Hi Doug

A few extra things to think about.

Good quality race seat and 6 point harness. Think about how you mount the seat, 40 year old fibre glass may not give you the most confidence

A quaiffe LSD may be needed in a plus 2 depending on how hard you want to make the suspension

Baffling for the engine sump

An uprated radiator if fitted with the original standard narrow 2 row design

A light weight sealed battery ( less likely to leak battery acid in high G manouvres).

Standard disks fine but with competition pads and competition fluid. A complete brake rebuild and installation of dual circuit system wise

Dont really see any need to change the steering rack but this is probably more a question of individual feel.

Stiffer suspension bushes help in a plus 2 more than 2 seat elan due to the longer suspension arms and I would definitely do.

Rear hub shafts and diff output shafts should probably be replaced. Front suspension stub axles and uprights should be crack tested

An infinite number of things you can do to the engine for more power but that can come later. All of the above items are really around handling stability, reliability and safety on the track.

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