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What is going to break next?

PostPost by: richardhallett99 » Sun Sep 03, 2006 9:41 pm

I have the pleasure to report that I have just had all - and I mean ALL of my 71 +2s brakes - disks, calipers rebuilt, hoses etc etc, Front and rear wishbones, Steering Uni Joint, and (having had someone finally correctly diagnose what that boody aweful cracking noise was from the rear when I accelerated or changed gear) the Chassis Diff mounts replaced. I am slightly annoyed as I have done less that 1000 miles since the last service 12 months ago and there were no brake or wishbone faults picked up then. I am sure that given the level of damge that I have witnessed on what was left of my disks - they ought to have seen something amiss.


The car now drives fantastically and indeed stops on demand. It feels so much more rigid and responsive as well - I have had the old girl for two years now and I just thought that she had rubbish brakes as any 35 Y/O car would. How wrong was I!!! The work told took about 40 hrs and I was charged ?2k with an MOT thrown in. While I just love the sound of air being sucked through teeth and the "looks expensive mate" exclamation of Car Mechanics - I have the pleasure of reporting that the place I took it was great - I did not feel like I had been ripped off. The firm is ProTech - headed up by a chap called Glen. They are based in wallingford in Oxfordshire. Although they specialise in Triumph they are also Classic Sports cars generalists - I recommend them.

Thanks to Martin from Essex as well who worked on my car a few years ago - your advice was invaluable.

So what is going to need replacing next?
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PostPost by: lotusanglia1965 » Mon Sep 04, 2006 10:13 pm

Hi Richard!
Glad to hear the car is back together,sounds like they did a top job,and kept to their estimate(rare these days!)
Hopefully nothing will need changing for a while,but isn't that the fun bit?
You can't second-guess a Lotus,just enjoy driving it as often as possible!
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