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close call........

PostPost by: Tintin » Wed Jul 19, 2006 7:07 am

D.J.Pelly wrote:Does Chapmans self tightening rule still apply in this case or does it become reversed or neutralised? :roll:

For self tightening the part has to be threaded in a way that
it will try to spin further down against the relevant shoulder
on its thread under braking. For the central lock nuts this
means RH thread on the right and LH thread on the left.

It is easy to imagine for a lug nut that is loose and positioned
somewhere on its thread: If the thread is de- or accelerated the
nut will try to keep up its motion and thus move on the thread.

Self-"tighting" is therefore a little bit exaggerated, this feature
is more a protection against terminal failure. If a lug nut is
so loose that it is able to spin on the thread the wheel will
allready show some noticeable movement.


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