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PostPost by: pmallinson » Wed Mar 01, 2006 12:35 am


Below is the last couple of enties from another Thread and as rightly suggested by Jason (Thanks :lol: ) this subject really needs its own slot so to speak.
The Immediate text below basically describes what I'm offering to do and below that in red is the reply from Jason requesting a new thread which this is !
The only other information below is a reply from Martin with a different point of view and some good ideas of his own, ALL ideas are always welcome !

SO here we have the NEW Thread lets have YOUR involvement and comments ! I would still request ANY useful data you have especially personal knowledge of alternate parts or supplier / manufacturer contacts be either posted or emailed to me at the address below.



I have been a Classic car nut for as long as I car to remember and probably longer than I should (according to the wife). I did this for the Reliant Scimitars and is was great help.

I'm really NOT after financial reward just HELP in the form of any information especially when it comes to manufacturers of various parts and the OM part numbers.

I work overseas for a month at a time so on a night when I have finished I get our the laptop and do my ?own thing? which at the present includes this quest !

I have set up spread sheets in Excel and broken the cars down into areas such as brakes, electrics, interior, body fittings etc and then the intent would be to enter the car it is fitted to, description of the part, the manufacturers part number, alternative part number(s) Lotus parts supplier numbers (Paul Matty, Christopher Neil etc etc) with hyperlinks to their sites, other cars it was fitted to, Suppliers for those car parts and their respective clubs (with Hyperlinks) !

I know it may sound very high tech but once done I think it would be of great use and I?ll probably burn it to CD and then distribute at minimal cost (If I can find a way to STOP people ripping it off and selling it on as that is not a TRUE classic car man as far as I?m concerned )

I have a copy of Paul?s book and there is some really good information in it which I intend to cross check against other info I have already gathered so hopefully the listing would be pretty reliable.

I am on the trail of lots of companies to try to glean information from them to assist in this and have positive response from SOME like AP Lockheed who sent me a disc with their back catalogues on (the ones your local motor factors use) and Bosal have done the same for exhausts etc. However other companies like Girling, Lucas, Unipart, AC Delco & Mintex etc etc has to date been unresponsive !

Do ANY of you out there have contacts in these or other companies I could use ? or supply me with any contact details you may have (as they may be different to ones I have found on the web ?)

My email address is at the bottom of this posting as always, so any information in the form of lists, contacts, part numbers, manufacturers or other info you have can always be sent to there. If you only have a hard copy then should be willing to take a copy you could post it to the address on the web site (also shown at the bottom of this listing) please mark the envelope Lotus Alternate Parts or something similar so my wife and I can identify them easily.

Thanks again
Peter Mallinson
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Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 5:49 pm Post subject:



You may be better starting a new post with a title like +2 parts, so people will read and add to the list I think the door lights subject has run it's course.


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Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 6:37 pm Post subject:


Peter, don't take this as personal criticism but the problem with information like this is they tend to become controlled by one person leading to problems if the primary source decides to go and do something else, or a server crashes or someone smells money to be made and sells it on ebay.

A lot of the information will by neccesity be a duplication of Robinshaw and Ross, although they don't have a right to the part number information it's an area that needs addressing carefully particularly if dummy infomation has been inserted into their texts (can of worms copyright issues spring to mind!)

If contributions are solicited and made by the wide arena of Elan owners such as on here then I'm sure most would prefer the collated information should be disseminated in the open and made freely available to all. Physical media is not always the right way as percieved value may get attributed to it, plus the ease of copying can both be an advantage and a huge disadvantage.

Make the information truly open and freely available and the piracy issue almost disappears, and assuming this site is properly backed up ??? so does any concerns about data loss. If the source respository can be modifed by anyone (in a positive way) then the result is usually much better, more comprehensive and more accurate.

Going back to the points mentioned in the first paragraph, a very similar thing happened with an alternative Elise list. Over a long period of time lots of people put a lot of work into an alternative parts list, the server went down and everything but a few fuzzy screen dumps someone just happened to save were the only remains of what was once a very useful site.

Also Excel, along with most other Microsoft applications use proprietary closed source formats. Something non proprietary like csv or even plain text is infinitely more portable.

I'd tend towards an area on the forum being reserved and arranged in a hierarchical manner to store this information or someone sets up a "wiki" both to cover the alternative parts issues and also the faq.

For those not immediately familiar with "wiki's" then take a look at


or for something specifically car oriented

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PostPost by: john-c-elan+2 » Wed Mar 01, 2006 4:18 pm

Peter, Golden Gate Lotus in USA have a partial list that may be of use (assuming you can rightfully copy of course ?) see: www.gglotus.org.
As do Club Lotus assuming you are member ? rgds john
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PostPost by: 1964 S1 » Sun Apr 09, 2006 3:21 am

Greetings, I don't like to rain on anyone's parade but this tHread has slid off the road and the engine's stalled. I read the door light entries and agree, something could be done for parts cross referencing, BUT, how many +2 owners are out there that need esoteric small parts to keep their cars on the road? How many +2's were built? How many are left? How many of us need a door light??? (Or other small specific non performance piece.) My guess is you're talking about less than a dozen guys, worldwide. That doesn't mean the helpful list of links should be ignored, we just need to get organized. And this concern about making CD's and someone ripping the info off for their own profit or benefit??? Who's gonna buy it? We've got THREE takers so far and they're willing to pay! Is it time for a "Part Source Cross Referencing" topic?
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PostPost by: blueseamonkey » Sun Apr 09, 2006 10:50 am

Well, I'd definitely pay, as long as it wasn't silly money.
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PostPost by: theelanman » Sun Apr 09, 2006 7:27 pm

ok heres my list of cross referenced parts

Comparative Parts List for Lotus Elan +2, +2S, +2s/130

This is an outline list only and not comprehensive.
Copied from Club Lotus Technical Bulletin

Lotus only.( Code number stamped near nearside engine mount)

Body shell sections ? Lotus only
Boot hinges ? Hillman Imp
Windscreen ? Ford Capri Mk1 , Consul Classic, Scimitar
Chrome windscreen Filler strip ? BL mini
Wiper blades ? Trico B7
Window motor Ford Wiper motor
Exterior door Handle, Early +2 BL 100 & 1300
Late +2s BL Dolomite, TR6, Toledo.
Interior Door Handle
Early +2 Ford Cortina Mk 1 & Mk 2
Late +2s BL Maxi, 1800 & 3 Litre
Cooling air intake Chrome trim ? Anglia Basic Saloon and Van
Front Bumber Ford Anglia
Rear Bumper Wolseley Hornet / Riley Elf Extended approx 1? by joining three sections.
Door Check arms Rover 2000
Door hinge bushes same as Trunnion bushes.
Front Suspension
Front Discs ? Triumph
Vertical Link? Triumph
Steering arm? Triumph
Trunnion and kits? Triumph
Damper and anti roll bar bushes? Triumph
Upper Ball Joints? Triumph
Shock absorber Lower bushes ? Same as Differential torque bushes
Wheel Bearings ? Hoffman Inner 1A 17 Outer 1B 12

Rear Suspension
Upper Leg spring plate ? Ford Anglia
Disc ? Girling
Doughnuts ? Lotus only (Imp and Imp competition Doughnuts are the same dimensions)
Wheel Bearings ? Outboard & Inboard 6206 2 RS
- Inboard with seal 412971
- Ford Cortina

Engine based on MK1 1500 Ford Cortina Engine block Many parts are Ford Anglia, Classic, Cortina MK1 & MK2 Original fitment.
Oil Filter ? AC MF 63000A
Water Pump ? Some Parts are Ford.
Valve shims ? BL Rover SD1, Princess, Dolomite ( check thickness range)
Oil Pump ? Ford 105E, 1600 GT
Oil Pressure sender unit ? Smiths Part No. PT1817/06
Fuel Pump ? AC mechanical (Kit AC BD6)
Fan Belt ? Dynamo Belaco R547 or RH789
- Alternator RH 684
Air Filter ? AC 2047
Bellhousing and Crankcase plates ( 4 Speed Box ) Ford Cortina
Sump ? Ford Cortina
4 Speed Ford Corsair 200E
Mounting Ford Cortina ( Ford Part No 170169)
5 Speed Austin Maxi internals ? Lotus Case
Mounting Ford Cortina ( Ford Part No 170169)
Road Wheels
Wheel Trim - Ford Escort
Rack ? Basically Triumph Herald/Vitesse/Spitfire, but modified for Lotus by fitting lock limiting spacers
Column & UJ ? Triumph Herald/Vitesse/Spitfire
Indicator Switch and housing Triumph Herald/Vitesse/Spitfire
Ford Cortina MK2
All brake systems are Girling
Caliper Pistons ? Girling:
Front: Early 6432 5561 ( Kit ? SP 2501)
Late 6432 1880 ( Kit ? SP2589)
Rear 6432 5873 ( Kit ? SP 2515)
Rear Calipers Lotus only by Girling
Servo ? Girling Early kit SP 2228 / 3
Late kit SP 2625
Hoses Front & rear Girling 7404 7464
Radiator ? Triumph ( two Types) ? Herald
Top hose ? Ford Anglia 105E

Fuel System
Sender unit ? Smiths
Filler Caps ? Scimitar, Gilbern, Triumph
Main items ? Lucas ( some AC )
Points ? Lucas CS1 Cortina Mk1
Headlamps ? Lucas 700 ? BL Mini / 1100 etc
Headlamp Chrome Rim ? MGB.
Front Indicator Lamps ? Lucas ? Lotus only
Rear Lamps Lucas modified E-type Jaguar, Alfa Romeo
Number plate Lamp ? BL Wolseley Hornet / Riley Elf.
Wndscreen wiper switch ? Lucas , Cortina Mk1 & MK2
Starter Solenoid ? Lucas Part No 76766
Tachometer ? Smiths RVI 2402/04 (Positive Earth)
Dynamo ? Lucas C40 ? BL Mini, Ford Cortina.
Matrix - ford fiesta (european)
Heater ? Smiths - MG Midget
Air Facia Vents ? Hillman Hunter ( circa 1965) Still made in Iran!
Clutch Plate and Pressure plate ? AP 47625/209
Master Cylinder ? Girling 64068832 (Kit SP 1963)
Slave Cylinder ? Girling 64067950 ( Kit SP 2204)
Clutch operating arm/thrust bearing ? Ford Cortina.
Clutch Hydraulic Pipe ? Ford Anglia (Ford Part No.174 7211
Rear Drive
Diff internals ? Ford. Ratios differ, but all are ford except 3.55: nearest is 3.54 Ford Escort RS.


please feel free to add to the list any info you find....
I did post this to jeff a while back but never checked to see if it was in the archive........
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PostPost by: Bud English » Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:32 pm

When I was looking for the thread where I had seen that the door bushes were the same as the trunnion bushes, I spotted the window motors listed as Ford items.

My '70 plus 2 motors are AC Delco. The motors are mentioned elsewhere in the threads on repairing the window system and rebuilding the doors as AC Delco units from late 60's Chevrolet models. If Ford wiper motors were used at some point it would be good to break out the years where that was done.

If you want to list the part numbers for the AC Delco units, I'll note them while I have my doors broken down for paint.

Edit: Duh... just realized how old this thread was. Well, when the cross reference list for the wiki comes to life, I'm guessing these things will all get a second look and get sorted out. :oops:
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PostPost by: Robbie693 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:50 am

... In the meantime Bud, I think the Ford Escort wiper motors were used for the Elan windows but the Plus 2's used something else.
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